Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cutting the Hair

The before shots.
You'll be so shocked at the outcome.
On Saturday, the girls and I went for our semi-annual haircuts. I know, I know, I'm terrible. It's one thing that I never even consider getting my hair cut until it's a mop of uselessly uneven layers, but to inflict such trauma on my precious innocent children too...

In any case, the three of us headed out to the salon bright and early. So that the number of people disturbed by their gales of cackle-laughs (they totally got this from me) and open-floor-means-I-must-RUN-ness was relatively low. I'll admit it, I also hoped they'd still be sleepy.

The after shot.
Also, check the smile. Is she happy, or
planning to devour your soul?
You'll never know.
Maren: Maren was the first of us to undergo the chair. She has these precious perfect curls and I have avoided the cutting of the hair up until my babysitter started shooting me threatening glances. Because in addition to her precious curls, she had bangs to her chin. Not that we ever cut bangs, it just appears that they grow that way. Constantly in her eyes - that way.

I was a bit nervous about her behavior in the chair, but she was honestly a little angel. She sat still and looked where Ms. Kathy pointed and told her all the colors represented on her little aquatic-themed smock.
Because I am obsessed with those little Shirley Temple curls, I asked for the slightest possible trim and bangs. We were vair pleased.

Me: Next up was me, because Brynna wanted to go last. I'm not going to prattle on about my new hair cut (like I'll obviously do about my children's) but I got the same thing as last time and like it half as much. It looks the same, I'm just not feeling it this time. The Husband says I didn't like it at first last time, so I'm hoping I just need a few weeks' growth. My hair grows wicked fast. Also, it hasn't really quit raining since then, which means that my hair is almost as curly as Maren's, and while I think hers is tres adorable, I think mine is hideous curly, so... There you have it. Self depreciating blahs.

Brynna: Last but not least, the hardest to please little lady since the Princess with the pea under her mattress. I've been trying to coax her into getting a short cut. She looks so good with a short cut, a little bob action, stacked in the back. Slightly longer in the front. But she wants to grow it out, and I don't want to fight over hair. I remember hating my short hair in elementary school and swearing I would never make my kids cut their hair short, so I'm not making her. Even though I really want to.

In any case, she's got this constant bird's nest on the back of her head, so I asked for some layers in hopes of taming that mess and of course, a bang trim, because girl had the Veronica Lake swoop going on.
I forgot to get an after shot.
She wanted me to take this one, though.
Apparently, she's big on the
Eddie Munster look. 

While she was "getting her hair done" we chatted about the growing it out thing. She wants hair to her waist.

"If you grow your hair that long, you're going to have to let me fix it, otherwise it'll just be everywhere all the time," I cautioned.

"Yeah, well, a little. I'm not going to keep it that way," she responded.

"Are you going to cut it and send it to a kid who needs it like I did?" I asked.

"A girl," she replied.

*Sigh* I officially can no longer give her crap about the growing out. Because she's doing it for charity. Which is nice, really, and I love that she's even thinking about that, but also, well, I'll believe it when I see it.

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