Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grace with Kids

A Grace in the Small Things Post:

There is honestly quite a bit to find grace and joy in if you have kids. Yes, sometimes there's also quite a lot to find frustration and misery in, but here are five things in which I find grace and joy when it comes to my kids.

1. Passion - Right now, Brynna is passionate about art and Maren is passionate about horsies, but whatever they are passionate about, kids are almost always passionate about something.

2. Cartoons and Kids' Show - I do really love kids' shows, but sometimes I feel stupid watching. Having kids means that I can watch Wizards of Waverly Place, I'm in the Band or the New! Coming Soon! Tangled! Even if I watch without the kids, I can always claim that I am watching to find out if I'll let them watch.

3. Smiles and Giggles - Kids just smile and giggle so much easier than adults. It's hard to stay down when you have a room full of giggles and the light of a six year old's smile.

4. Fashion - While I'm a little reserved with what I wear, my kids can totally wear anything they want and look 100% fabulous. Furthermore, I can live vicariously through their ability to look precious even in a waaay too big t-shirt and leggings.

5. Kids' Books - I totally went to the library this week to check out a Wayside School book "for Brynna." It had absolutely nothing to do with my desire to read the next installment, no, I was completely thinking about Bryn.

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Suze said...

Aw, this was great!
And Anya loves leggings. I bought her a pair of jeans leggings (jeggings, as the young people call them, at least according to Old Navy...) and I can't wait for her to wear them!