Friday, October 22, 2010

5 Things on Friday - I WANT That Edition

You know what I like to do when I get depressed? Take the Tour of Beautiful Things that I Can't Have. Or, window shop. Pick your phraseology. (I will always side with Anya on this one.)

Sometimes it cheers me up and sometimes it's like wallowing in my own freakish misery, but either way, I usually feel somewhat better when I'm done.

So, here's Five Things I Totally Want the Way Dane Cook Wants Acid Spit:

1. A new car. I couldn't even decide what kind. I'd love a Crysler Town and Country, which I consider to be the Rolls Royce of the minivan. I would pretty much settle for any minivan whose dashboard wasn't lit up like a Christmas tree. I'd also love a Morgan. That's the lovely piece of heaven right there. Yum. Or a vintage 'Vette. Or pretty much anything other than the "Hm, I wonder if it will work today," lovely that I have.

2. Raincoat - I've wanted a real live grown up raincoat for a long time, but they are so expensive for something to wear when it's not even cold enough for a coat. It's a philosophical problem for me. Yes, I love a raincoat. Yes, I want a raincoat. No, I don't want to pay for a coat just for rain. But this one... C'mon. Who doesn't want a purple rain coat. I may cry.

3. Bed Set - I'm so tired of my bedroom. I used to have a lovely purple and black bedroom and when we moved, I took that opportunity to be nice to The Husband and make the bedroom slightly more masculine. You know, to be nice. To The Husband. Well, three years later and my stupid brown walls mock me daily. Furthermore, my red curtains make the room look all whorehousey during the day. Stupid red curtains. Look at that though. Doesn't that just make you want to go to bed. Ah, bed.

4. Boots - Boots are quite possibly the best thing about fall and winter. And I love everything about fall and winter. I am greatly in need of a new pair of tall boots and the ones I am replacing are lovely heeled boots that quickly drove me nuts. So, I'm ready to take advantage of the flat boot trend. Oooh, aren't these tough? The truth is that I think I like the gray ones best, but the brown ones are so much more practical. I love the slouchy look with the flat sole.

5. Curtains - Because even my daydreaming is boring, I would really love thermal curtains. To reduce my heating fuel cost and warm my vast expanse of living room. Oh, and sheers. Cream ones. Okay, everyone bored now? Good.

So, tell me what you want most right now?


Suze said...

Get yourself some boots. Those are great!

I'd like some clothes that aren't stained with coffee/tomato sauce/fruit juice/bike grease (I have a handful of non-stained clothes but I'm afraid to wear them because they might get go figure), curtains like you (mine are awful and ripped), and I can't even think of anything else right now. Odd.

Orlandel said...

Wow! I want a pair of those boots!! I'm like Suze - all of my clothes have stains (mostly from salsa)and are old. But what I want most of all is for my house to be finished so I live in it's newly renovated, bare space and dream of all the things I want for it.

Becca said...

I made the mistake of buying that bedset. The satin-like material is scratchy, the comforter is too lightweight and does not stand up to a kitty getting comfy for the evening, and the folds in the pillowcases make them impossible to sleep on without getting deep grooves in one's face. The button covers on the throw pillow came off. Plus, the material made my hair extremely staticky. The whole thing was very cheaply made and not at all what I expected based on the cost. I wound up selling the whole thing at yard sale.

Be careful what you wish for :D

Jessi said...

Suze - I have that problem too. Almost everything has a stain or a hole on the right arm. For some reason, I walk into one of the doors in my office a lot and so I have these tiny tears in the right arm of almost everything I have.

Orlandel - I want your house to be finished too. :(

Becca - Thanks, I probably wouldn't have bought it, but it's always good to know. :)

Jessi said...

Edited to fix boot link.

Suze said...

Jessi, you could always patch up those holes with a cool flower power patch or something. But you're probably too mature for that by now :) Anyway, my dad had the same problem with some cargo shorts - the pockets would always catch on doorknobs. He just about fell one time, so now he's a lot more careful! (And you KNOW how my dad is all about style, too...)

Mrs. Allroro said...

Suze, that's funny about your dad and doorknobs. Most people would not have that problem. That's like always hitting your head on door frames or something. I'm exactly the right height for my pants pockets to open the drawers in my kitchen. Fortunately I've never had any tears from it, but it can be annoying or good for a laugh, depending on my mood, to turn away from the counter and have a drawer come with me.

I want two glass oil diffuser bottles. I am using plastic condiment bottles right now, which i used to love, but which now leak so much that i have resorted to keeping each of them in a peanut jar lid.

If it's convenient for you, I highly recommend stopping in at Goodwill from time to time and checking for raincoats.