Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Know What I Hate?

I work in this place, this weird place, where a major, international event is about to go down. This, i suppose excites some people. I've dreaded since the moment I heard the announcement, since before I started working where I work.

Here's what major, international event means to me: traffic, inconvenience, headaches, crowds, chaos. Additionally, we have recently found out that we may not be allowed to park at all, without paying $20 per day. If they do deign to allow us to park at our own offices, we will be walking 1 mile from our parking spaces to our offices. And! And! The event doesn't start for almost two weeks and I was kicked out of my parking lot today. I hate that.

I hate when I have a sunburn.

I hate when The Husband forgets to set the alarm and we have to get me and the kids, dressed, ready and out the door in less than 10 minutes.

I hate when I'm moving back and forth between two computers and one of them has a much, much clearer screen than the other. Because then, the fuzzier picture, which normally wouldn't seem fuzzy at all, seems like looking through someone else's glasses.

I hate when I can't get anything done for more stuff piling up.

What do you hate?


Orlandel said...

I hate the once a year festival that blocks off Main Street in my town. It was bad enough when I just had to drive around it, but then I started working downtown (14 years ago). I hated it then because you never knew what streets were blocked and when. Now I work on Main Street, I have music (?) blasting at my front windows all day long, people everywhere, I can't park without having to talk my way through "security." So, this year I'm leaving for the entire weekend. Sorry you can't!!

I also hate spending 2 WEEKS with tech support only to finally be told the problem is my computer and not their software. Good luck and bye.

Dave said...

Cold rain and winter!

Suze said...

I, for one, am kind of excited about that event you mentioned, just because I grew up so near where it's happening. And nobody gets that up here, where it's all just beer and cheese and Packers all the time.

I hate having a mug shot taken for ID reasons (in this case, volunteer pass at the community center) and looking like a criminal in it.

I hate stepping on cold, slimy bits of oatmeal that form a trail through the house after breakfast because my children are messy eaters and run from the kitchen before I can wipe them up.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough time of it!

I hate too many things to list here, otherwise I would wind up hijacking your blog. I may save this for a Friday Five post, or for a Rant Thursday. Haven't decided yet.