Friday, September 10, 2010

Five Things on Friday - Spirit Week Edition

I always hated Spirit Week when I was in school. (Spirit Week, for those who were homeschooled or lucky enough to grow up somewhere that didn't celebrate this horrific tradition is where we all celebrate our school spirit by looking like idiots. Each day of the week has a theme and you, assuming you are not a spiritless creep, participate in said theme.)

For one thing, I was never particularly spirited. Okay, I went to games and pep rallies (or prep rallies as those of us in the top rows wearing black were wont to call them) got you out of class. I had friends in band, who are required by law to show at least a minimal amount of spirit. It's just that I never bought into that whole thing whereby the value of your school is determined by their basketball record.

However, when it came to Spirit Week, the only less embarrassing than walking around with stupid hair on crazy hair day was being the only one not walking around with stupid hair on crazy hair day.

It's a little gem I blocked out of my public school experience, so that now, I've been totally surprised by my daughter's first ever Spirit Week. And only a little because I didn't even know what her elementary school mascot is (the stallions, for the record).

Luckily, they only celebrated Spirit Week for three days. Also, luckily, she's not nearly as bitter and jaded as I was. Though I probably wasn't either at here age, I don't remember Spirit Week in elementary school.

We have celebrated our spirit through Derby Hat Day (which had to be stuffed in the backpack at the last minute because what if no one else is wearing one?!?!), Crazy Hair Day (which caused a giant fight about how much brushing is actually necessary for 3 pony tails and 2 braids) and School Colors Day (which necessitated us getting out Brynna's Christmas apparel, because redheads don't wear all that much red in their day to day lives).

She's had fun and I've tried to hide my ire. But I thought for posterity, I would share

Five Spirit Day Themes I Could Get Behind, Even Now

1. Pajama Day - A lot of places do this, but when I was in high school, the style was for girls to sleep in boxer shorts and tank tops, so that was sort of right out. I would have loved to roll into work today in my blue pj pants and the biggest shirt in the world. (Seriously, you could pitch a tent under this pajama top and have no idea that it was there.) Similarly, I wouldn't have minded putting Brynna to bed in cute pj's and clean underwear last night and letting her slip on shoes and go. Please, who doesn't need one of those days every once in a while?

2. BedHead Day - See above.

3. Let Your Mother Pick Your Clothes Day - I'd just love to have one morning where I don't have to explain that wool tights in 90 degree weather isn't a good idea or why you can't wear your bathing suit top like a tank top.

4. Mismatched Day - The polar opposite of the Day 3, this day would allow us to actually wear a couple of those items of clothing that we always end up with that match nothing else at all. Is it just us? Does everyone else coordinate their kids' wardrobes so well that there are never those things? I blame hand me downs. But not out loud, because I love hand me downs.

5. Last Year's Halloween Costume/Christmas Dress Day - Because no one likes to pay that much for something that only gets worn once.

What Spirit Day themes could you go for right about now?


Orlandel said...

Stay at Home and Pull the Blankets Over Your Head Day would make me happy right about now!! (Nothing to do with spirit, but more the lack thereof!)

Suze said...

Daniel's school had Wacky Week once. It was his first week there (He started in mid-March) and I forgot about all of it. Fortunately, most preschoolers wear weird stuff all the time, so it didn't matter that I forgot PJs on pajama day and didn't have anything "wacky" for him to wear on Wacky Wednesday. His preschool rocks. I'll be prepared next time.

I'll add to your list:

Greasy Hair Day for when you just don't feel like a shower (ditto hairy armpit day but that's probably TMI...)

Wear Everything Backwards Day (something Daniel likes to do just to be contrary)

Commando Day (again, Daniel. Need I say more?)