Friday, September 24, 2010

Five Things on Friday - Work from Home Edition

Thanks to that huge international event thingy that's happening practically in my office, I am working from home more than usual the next couple of weeks. By more than usual, of course, I mean that no one has to be deathly ill or contagious. 

I have worked from home while the kids are sick before, but I've never had scheduled time for working from home. I am really looking forward to this phenomenon. For one thing, I want to know how good at it I am. You know, some people just aren't cut out to work from home. They are too easily distracted and can't focus without the fluorescents and boss's footsteps to make them.

I got my laundry, got my music,
I'm ready to get some work done.
(Brynna, circa 2005)

I don't know if I am one of those people or not. I have conflicting theories, but I'm interested in finding out.

I thought I might spend this five things looking at what my biggest challenges are going to be during my work from home time, though. The things that are most likely to distract me from my duly appointed projects.

1. Laundry - I am approximately 7 years behind in laundry and since my washer and dryer are on their last legs, we are up to almost 2 hours per load. Hopefully, being home during the day will give me the chance to switch it out more often and get a little caught up. I can't even remember what it's like to have clean sheets waiting in the closet. What I have to keep in check is my desire to go ahead and fold everything the second it comes out of the dryer. This shouldn't be too hard.

2. Grocery Shopping - I hate grocery shopping. Like seriously, hate. However, it's not so bad at 8 a.m. on a weekday. Frankly, I think this would be the biggest advantage to being a sahm, the ability to shop when there aren't 7,000 other people standing around pondering minute rice. 

3. Blogging - I've been such a terrible blogger lately, I may end up writing 5 weeks worth of posts in advance.

4. Reading/Crochet - These are hard for me to do when everyone is home and since I will still be delivering the children to where they usually go and then returning for work-a-rama, I will probably have to hide the crochet bag to keep from making 72 snowflakes.

5. Daytime TV - I don't watch talk shows or soap operas, I watch all those canceled shows I used to be into that are rerun ad infinitum on cable channels. M*A*S*H*, Charmed, Judging Amy, Joan of Arcadia. It's going to be a challenge.

So, what about you, I know some of you work from home on occasion and some of you are sah's and some are wfh's so what challenges you. What do you have to really work to ignore? What do you have to hide?

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Suze said...

Since all of my work is at home I sometimes wish I had an outside job to go to. Even when I'm doing work in the music field, a lot of it happens at home (practicing, planning lessons, etc) and it's WAY to easy to get distracted by housework or email or whatever. I know some people think working from home would be ideal, but I just don't see it!