Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Dream Delayed

So, there are a few things in life that I have always wanted to be, but been denied. Have a grown up lego collection, kayak, live on a mountain in Vermont.

Some of those things (see kayaking) I deny myself. Some of those things are denied me by circumstance. But the one thing that has always been my dream and always eluded me is jury duty.

I don't know why. I can't possibly explain my passion for serving on a jury. It's a thing. It's a I-care-deeply-about-participating-in-government kind of thing. It's a I-watched-12-Angry-Men-way-too-young thing. It's a thing. A thing I've always wanted to do.

So, I am a registered voter, I vote in every freakin' election, even the ones I couldn't care less about and I pray for jury duty. I never get called.

Until today. Today, I opened a summons in my mailbox. I have finally, finally been called to jury duty. I am ecstatic.

Except, because of the stupid huge, international event being held practically inside my office later in the month, my boss is making request a postponement. Because of the chaos.

And yeah, I hate chaos, and I totally understand what she's asking and it all makes perfect sense and if I postpone, the paperwork assures me I'll get called again. But, still. I didn't need another reason to hate the huge, international event practically taking place inside my office. I really didn't.

So - lifelong dream of being an active participant in our nation's judicial process - delayed. Jessi=sad.


Orlandel said...

My boss asked for a delay for me twice. The third time, it was denied. Then I was the second name drawn for the Grand Jury. Good luck....

Jessi said...

I'd love to do the grand jury!

Ady said...

mom is currently on "jury duty" however they cancel every day she is scheduled to appear, she hasn't actually served yet. And it is a freaking pain in my ass that she is even on it!!!! You don't know until the night before if you are going to have it or not. Try planning a sitter for that! It sucks!

But we all have our own dreams...I certainly don't share in yours but I do hope yours comes true.

Love ya

Suze said...

Jury duty sucks, actually. My husband had to do it and it was long and painful and for a rather petty crime and the evidence was pretty clear but it still took 2 looooong days and he came home complaining about how broken the justice system really is.

The only time I've been summoned is when I was about to have a baby - so I got out of it!