Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Crochet

Okay, so who else who does fiber work (knit, crochet, whatever) has seasonal issues?

I don't like crochet as much in the summer. Part of that is because it gets hot sitting around with half a blanket in your lap all the time. The flip side to that is that I have all kinds of projects in queue that don't ever get to blanket size. And yet, here I am, for the fourth or fifth week in a row, with nothing new to post.

I am STILL working on my mom's birthday present (worst daughter ever), I am still working on a blanket for a baby shower that I missed. The baby has been born and whatever, you never stop needing blankets. I am still working on that sweater I started last summer. I have yarn and projects and I just downloaded a new pattern today, but I have almost zero desire to do any of this.

I worked for about four hours this entire weekend on crochet projects. Four hours. In a typical weekend, I can fit in about ten.

In addition to the temperature reason, I think part of it is that I have sooo much going on all the time in the summer. I don't know that I had a lot of time that could have been devoted to crochet that wasn't this weekend. Or last week.

I will probably work another four hours on that birthday present next weekend and still think I have about four hours to do.

Another problem I'm having is that I hate this pattern. The birthday present pattern. I don't want to give away my whole finished post on it, but it's soooo repetitive. I don't really want to work on it, but I need to work on it, so I can't bring myself to work on anything else.

This is a rambly and useless post, but I've got to stop pretending that Monday's don't exist.

What stymies you? Is it business or boredom? A time of the year? Save me from myself here.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Obviously, housekeeping stymies me. Otherwise I wouldn't be so darn bad at it.

Suze said...

Somehow, the summer weather hasn't stifled my will to knit, though I've been drawn to those smaller projects (like socks) that don't warm up my lap like a sweater would. I'm losing my will to keep the house clean, though. That always comes in fits and starts.

Amy said...

I'm the opposite--I get inspired to work on my stained glass projects when it's hot. I love going into my "room" shutting the door and slaving away on projects. I never feel inspired during the winter and that's when I read more instead.

Steph said...

I don't really knit at all in the summer. For me, knitting is a sort of winter nesting behavior.

I am stymied by the Important Paper Desk that lives in the closet off the front hall. It is cluttered with everything from winter knitwear to cat medicine to bills that need paying. I have sworn to organize the entire thing on my vacation. I secretly dream of burning it, but that would probably cause additional problems.