Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Things on Friday - Lonliness Edition

Five Things on Friday is a weekly list of five things. Subject to be determined by me, but feel free to make suggestions in the comments. I will list my five things and then open the comments up to you, my loyal followers, readers, fans, groupies, what have you. Please respond. Or else, I'll feel all alone in the Earth. It'll be bad. Really.

For the most part, I don't mind not being like everyone else. You know, a little different. A little outside the box. I am okay with being my own person, marching to my own drum, that stuff.

But sometimes, I feel like the only person in the world. So, here are five things that make me feel all alone.

1. Bacon - Am I the only human on Earth who doesn't like bacon? There are even exceptions. I love a good BLT, or even just bacon and tomato sandwiches (my grandma's specialty). And, if there's no sausage, I can handle bacon with my waffles. But there seems to be this prevailing attitude in the world, that everything is better with bacon. I don't get it. In the first place, bacon on top of meat is not an appropriate topping. In the second place, bacon is not for dessert. I just don't get it.

2. George Clooney/Robert Redford - These two are pretty interchangeable in my mind except for a few years. They are the pretty boys that everyone loves (except me) and they are kinda... well... skeezey. Don't they seem a little slimy, a little too perfect for anyone else.

3. Miley - Sometimes I feel like the only adult in the world who doesn't have a hate-on for little Miley Cyrus. Frankly, I think you all (and feel free to exempt yourself from this) are holding her to a little too high a standard. Okay, she's not a kid anymore and she doesn't act like one. Is that somehow a crime? I'm not digging every decision she's made (the stripper pole was particularly disturbing) but at the end of the day, she's a teenager who's experimenting with her own image and her own tastes. Just like every other teenager in the world. What she hasn't done is show up pregnant, drug addicted, alcohol addicted or anything else addicted. She hasn't committed any crimes, run down any kids in her giant SUV or flashed her lady bits getting out of a limo. So, let's all cut her some slack, okay?

4. Roses/Diamonds - I am not a rose girl, okay? I know it's weird, but just accept it. They are the stereotypical flower and I'm not into them. And diamonds? They're clear. What's the appeal?

5. Eyebrows - I don't get the obsession. Waxing, threading, coloring, etc. Some people have really weird eyebrows that need help, but for most people, just leave them alone. Making them look all groomed just draws attention to them.

So, there you have it. Sound off and let me know that's I'm not alone, or at least that you're alone with me.


Suze said...

You're not alone on #4.

Suze said...

I just posted my own list!

Mrs. Allroro said...

I rarely eat bacon, and I think most foods are better off without it. Who likes meat in their salad? Not me. And I am not a fan of diamonds or roses, either. I'd rather have a tulip any day. Nor am I a fan of George Clooney. I tihnk I liked him when I first saw him, but soon got over him. And I know you disagree on this one, but I haven't liked Brad Pitt since Thelma and Louise.

Tessa said...

Bacon-I like it with my breakfast or on the appropriate sandwich (BLT), but that's it. Don't put it on my pizza, don't add it to a salad, and for Pete's sake, my quesadilla is just fine without your chewy bacon crumbs!!

Redford/Clooney-Have you ever watched Barefoot in the Park? If you do, you might have a different take on Mr. Redford. He was really hot in his day and he reminds me of a young Brad Pitt. As far as Mr. Clooney goes, I have never had a problem with him. Were you not a follower of Facts of Life? When his hair was longer and he was a handy man? Remember, Ms. Garret opened the little soda/gift shop and 'George', that was his name on the show, too, was the handy man. Ahhh, the good ole days. Clooney in the daytime.

Miley-I'm not hatin' on her. I think she has been a positive role model up until this point and I agree completely with everything you said. She is not Emmanuel Lewis. She can't stay a 'child' forever. Let her go, people. There is some 12 year old "triple-threat" (actor, singer, dancer) waiting in the wings to put her face on your kid's lunchbox.

Roses-I appreciate roses, but I never want red. I'll take them of course, but I would rather have yellow or orange. My fave flowers are hydrangeas and a bouquet of those mixed with some Belles of Ireland would be outstanding!!

Eyebrows-Okay so I admit that I am a little obsessed. I used to have them waxed every two to three weeks. I heard once that they are the framework for the eyes. Whatever. I just hate an unkept brow on myself. However, I found this little personal trimmer at Walgreens and I haven't had to pay some Vietnamese chick $10 for about 2 minutes worth of work in about 6 weeks. Marvelous!!!

Steph said...

I let one of my students write her midterm paper on Miley Cyrus last semester. And I have a friend in her 40s--an English PhD with no children--who owns every single Hannah Montana DVD.

Jessi said...

Steph - I'm sorta impressed. I'd be interested to know what about Miley Cyrus the paper focused on...

Animal said...

Whattaya MEAN, bacon can't be dessert?!? That's pretty blasphemous, y'ask me.

But, I'm totally with ya on diamonds. HUGELY overrated. I always try to buy Miss Tessmacher colored gems. Truly rare stuff…as opposed to diamonds, which are about as rare as driveway gravel.

Jessi said...

Animal - good for you. That's all I ask, a little originality and thought. Bravo!