Monday, April 5, 2010

The Worst Day of Brynna's Entire Life

So, all in all, we had a very nice Easter weekend. There will be more posts about it. I promise. Some may have pictures. Maybe.

But, yesterday, Easter, was the worst day of Brynna's life. I offer the three items that made yesterday the worst day of Brynna's life.

Item the One: My mom has a fish pond. It's very cute. It's small and has flowers planted all around it and a fountain in it. This winter was very cold. Her fish froze to death. So, yesterday, we cleaned out the pond. I mean, she took the fish out as they died, it's not like we were hunting for fish carcases, but we were pulling out leaves and trying to get the pond to drain and yadda yadda. At one point, I was sitting on her steps trying to help and both of my children were climbing me like a tree.

This behavior frustrates me to no end. In fact, on Saturday, I may have at one point shouted to the living room and all of it's inhabitants that I required to not be touched at all by anyone for five freakin minutes. They may have only lasted about fifteen seconds.

Anyway, I was really worried about Maren falling off the steps as she tried to climb me. I was kinda focused on keeping her on the steps and Brynna was eating a cupcake and hanging out and all the sudden she wasn't. She was sprawled on the ground, under a bush and crying.

I couldn't wrap my brain around the fact that the wrong kid had fallen. I asked her what happened like it somehow wasn't obvious and then I got all hung up on why she needed another cupcake when she had just eaten one. The cupcake was pretty much moist morsels of mouthwateringness in the dirt. Between the fall, the lack of cupcake and my grim determination that she not have another one, it took us about ten minutes to get worked out.

Item the Two: My mom got a new patio table. Not really, but it would take me eons to describe how she has had this patio table that she loves and adores for almost five years and it was still in its box, so I won't. It was new, okay. The Husband and my stepdad put it together and there were these two, huge cardboard circles there that protected it from something. Shipping, maybe.

Anyway, The Husband suggested the biggest game of Frisbee in history, which was fine and good until Brynna and Uncle D decided to, in fact, play the world's biggest game of Frisbee. Brynna threw to Uncle D. Uncle D caught the near perfect throw and tossed it back. Only instead of gliding right into Brynna's hand, it glided right into her throat. With alarming force. Enough force to collapse a four or five inch section of corrugated cardboard disk. Enough force to send her sprawling on her back. Enough force to give her a nifty little abrasion on her neck and make us look like child stranglers for all eternity. Yeah. Good times.

That time, pulling the family back on track required Coke and a little mollycoddling. Only I'm not sure it's mollycoddling when it's a real live injury and everyone was pretty much scared by it.

Item the Three: After the cookout was done, the pond was filled and the mess was cleaned, we were gathering our stuff to go home. Maren and Brynna were running around and generally enjoying the cooling air and setting sun. It was pretty idyllic. Until, Brynna decided to do some climbing. She was holding onto a tree limb and standing on a dog kennel when she suddenly fell backward, sprawling (once again) on her rear this time. The miracle is that this one, had the potential for the most injury. She fell right between two big heavy metal parts of things that could have majorly wrecked her little skull.

I stood her up, dusted her off, saw just how close it had been and explained to her that sometimes you just have a klutzy day and the best way to deal with it is to go lie down with a cool cloth over your eyes. She kinda looked at me like I had just suggested she go skydiving and metaphorically got back on the horse. Before I even knew what was happening, she was back on the kennel and preparing to swing down. Which just goes to show you that sometimes your kids may be smarter than you. Sometimes they may also be more accident prone that you ever were, though, and maybe you should lock them in their rooms with a cool cloth.

I think she was pretty glad to go home and go to bed, to be honest.

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Orlandel said...

No, I think it was you that was pretty glad when she got home and went to bed. LOL!!!

What will we do for an encore next weekend????