Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I've Been Thwarted by the Oscars and By Bathing

I've spent my last couple of days being thwarted. First, let me tell you about the Oscars. I love the Oscars. I love to watch the show. Listen to commentary. Make fun of the dresses and the acceptance speeches. Talk about how lame the host is. Cry over the "died this year" montage. Root for the underdog. It's sort of my Superbowl.

So, here's a little timeline of my Sunday Night Oscar Night Glory:
6:00 - Settle in front of the TV, laptop in my lap and start watching the E! Red Carpet coverage.
6:35 - Make a comment on the MamaPop Red Carpet Open Thread that Queen Latifah would look good in slime and entrails.
6:40 - Apparently, no one got the Buffy reference and I cry a little.
6:55 - The Husband and Brynna get home from church and I take a little break to eat some family supper. I made roast. I don't usually make roast.
7:15 - Take Maren for a quick dunk in the bath and settle her into bed.
7:35 - Convince Brynna that what she really wants is to watch a movie in bed and skip the bedtime story.
7:50 - Sprint downstairs to get a load of laundry in before giving up on productivity for the night.
8:00 - Ah. My bedroom. TV. Oscars. No one else in the room.
8:05 - Squee a little of Neil Patrick Harris, who I lurve.
8:15 - Get a little kick out of Woody Harrelson. Who ever thought he'd be nominated for anything other than High Times Stoner of the Year.
8:16 - Take advantage of a commercial break to throw some butter in the over for Hot Cheerios.
8:17 - Go into Brynna's room to find out what's making her scream.
8:18 - TOTALLY agree to letting her read me a book.
8:19 - Check how many pages are in Go. Dog. Go. and cry a little.
8:50 - Finish Go. Dog. Go.
8:51 - Run to the kitchen to check on my now burnt butter.
8:53 - Scrub out cake pan and start over with Hot Cheerios.
8:59 - Back to the bedroom. Watch an acceptance speech and the death toll.
9:13 - Head to the kitchen to stir the Hot Cheerios.
9:15 - Return to the bedroom to find that DirecTV has temporarily lost all my local channels.
9:16 - Give up and watch 28 Days Later on SyFy.

Then tonight, I tried to give Maren a bath and I was thwarted all over again.
Back story: Maren is potty training. Now, before you give me lecture about how 15 months is waaay too young to potty train and I have to wait for her to be ready and yadda, yadda, yadda, let me say this. Right? 15 months is young right? Because Brynna was pushing three and I thought she was normal.

Maren shows absolutely no signs of readiness, except for a grim determination. She uses the potty between 3 and 5 times a day and will get really mad if you don't let her try.

So, bathtime.

We headed into the bathroom and I flipped the switch to make the water stay in the tub (stopper?), turn on the hot water to heat up and started stripping her down. And then, realized that she was dirty. Grabbed a roll of toilet paper and wiped with all I had. Finally got her all ready and turned to put her in the water. Noticed the steam coming off the water. Remembered that I never turned on the cold tap.

Put her back on the floor. Turned the water on super cold. Let it run for a few minutes. Noticed her peeing on the bath mat. Put her on the potty before laughing at her very pleased face. Finally put her in the bath. Where she cried until I took her out. It was quite the bath time debacle. I could have lived without it.


Jen O. said...

Lady, our nights both SUUUUUUCKED.

Suze said...

Oh you poor thing!
Maybe Anya could take some potty training lessons from Maren?
Luuuurve Neil Patrick Harris, too.

Steve said...

Lucy (two and half years old) is also adamant that she is now going to use the potty. She is having a few accidents but as the alternative is for her to be continually taking her nappy off it seems better to try her way!

By the way, you got Maren bathed and in bed in 20 minutes?!? Respect! I'm lucky if Lucy takes less than 40!