Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conversations with a Five Year Old

Brynna: Help me, Moooommmmmeeeeeee!
Me: Not right now. After church is over.
Brynna: Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Me: Listen, church is almost over. We're going to finish singing this song, they are going to ask for last minute announcements and then we're going to pray and DONE! As soon as DONE, I'll help.
Brynna: NO! I don't want church to be over. I'm not done with my picture. I need to finish my picture.
Me: It's okay. I'm going to have a meeting after church is over and you can finish then.
Brynna: Oh. Where? Here at church?
Me: Yes.
Brynna: Where?
Me: Up there, in the front.
Brynna: Oh. So that's what those pews up at the front are for.

Brynna: I'm dripted. Dripted, I say.
My mom: What?
Brynna: It's just a joke.

Brynna: On the planet House, there are tornadoes every day so people live in their basements and never come upstairs.
Me: Why don't they just build underground houses?
Brynna: Because they have basements!


Steve said...

"Because they have basements!"

LOL. In my house that would probably hav been followed by "Silly Daddy!"

Jessi said...

There was definitely that tone of voice. I expected a "duh," but she knows I don't like that.

Mrs. Allroro said...

I love the thing about the pews up front. That is a classic.

SAHD PDX said...

awesome conversations