Tuesday, January 5, 2010

News Flash - Second Child Syndrome Not Always a Bad Thing

So, I have SCS (Second Child Syndrome) pretty bad. I don't remember to take pictures of Maren, I occasionally forget to order food for her at restaurants. My diaper bag that was always stuffed to brimming with extra outfits, bottles, cups, snacks, wipes and toys now carries a bottle of Tylenol and a burp cloth.

She's over a year old and I haven't even BOUGHT her baby book yet. It's sad, really.

But today, I figured out the up side to SCS. It has reduced my fear level. You may remember that when Brynna got her ear tubes just over a year ago, I was a quivering mass. I was a nervous wreck. I failed to sleep and I freaked out. Partly because she was deaf, partly because my baby (4 year old) was undergoing surgery, and partly because I was a pregnant ball of hormones.

In any case, Maren is undergoing the same surgery Thursday morning. And I... I am not a bit worried and I kinda keep forgetting to ask for the time off. I know, I know, it's ridiculous and horrible and I suck as a mom, but wow, this is going to be way easier without hyperventilating in the waiting room.

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