Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In Memoriam

So, it seems that every idiot with a blog is spending this week compiling a list of people who died in 2009. I don't know why. I do know that I only know about this trend because I have google alerts set up for "Charles Manson" and "Manson Family," and most of these people are listing Sadie. So, I figured why buck the trend. Trending is a whole thing thanks to Twitter (which I have totally not figured out because I am apparently 80) so I think I should do something trendy today.

So, a few notes about my 2009 In Memoriam List:
1. I am not googling. So this is going to be random people that I can think of who died this year. That means that some of them may have died in 2008 or 2006. Or 1914 and I just found out about it, who knows.
2. It also means that these are not the most important dead people of the year, just the ones that I have something to say about. And pop into my head.
3. It's going to be random. Be prepared.
4. I hate these things because, you know, there are people out there who don't want to be reminded about these deaths and it seems unfair for us all to bring it back up, but I don't think that Mrs. Patrick Swayze reads my blog, so I'm gonna do it. Also because, as pointed out by my mother who is apparently being mocked by her RSS feed, I haven't updated since December 17. Also, I don't really know what to talk about.

So, here goes nothing -

In Memoriam 2009

1. Patrick Swayze - I honestly was never a fan. I mean, I, like every girl ever, love Dirty Dancing, but I think that even those of us who don't like that butch/ballet combo can agree that anyone who fights cancer like he fought cancer is deserving of our awe. Also, he had a great love story. Even if it didn't involve any corners or girls obnoxiously named Baby.

2. Farrah - Any time someone who spawns a generation of hair dies, it's got to be sad. I always wanted those bangs, but I never managed it. Honestly, her death was a shock to me, because I didn't believe the tabloids for a minute and I thought she was probably doing a lot better than they said. Alas, I was wrong and the first angel (Charlie's, at least) was lost to the world.

3. Sadie Mae Glutz (Susan Atkins) - This is just the beginning. Unless Charlie breaks prison tradition and lives to be 110, at least. Susan, for all the crazy, made us re-evaluate the meaning of the word compassion.

4. Brittany Murphy - Because she just up and died right before Christmas. And also because she was so young and so very talented. Oh, sure, I could list the 900 comedies that she was terrible in, but I could also say Girl, Interrupted and make you remember loving Angelina Jolie and also really believing Murphy was crazy. Also, 8 Mile where she was flawless.

5. Dom DeLouise - Did you know that the dad on Wizards of Waverly Place is his son? Neither did I. I bet he's sad. I feel bad for him.

So, there it is, my In Memoriam for this year. I'll let you know who I didn't even know died when the Oscars are over. There are always a ton of shockers in there for me.

And tomorrow I promise to blog about something a little less weird.


Jen Stoll said...

ahhh...if i had a blog, I would in memoriam all the senses I lost this year...

Anonymous said...

OMG Brittney Murphy died? I didn't even know.
Susan G

Jessi said...

Jen - But common doesn't count. :)

Suze - It was right before Christmas, so it kinda got lost in the shuffle, but yes, she died and they don't know how yet. Looks like maybe prescription drug abuse, but the tests aren't done yet. (I'm a little bit of a pop culture junkie.)

Mrs. Allroro said...

I liked her in Clueless and I am a King of the Hill fan. She was great on that show.