Monday, September 21, 2009

Jessi's Emmy Predictions: Mostly Wrong

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I wrote a Emmy prediction post. It, in retrospect, was written half asleep. Re-reading it, I realized that I could have done a lot better than that. Although, I had to nominate Jenson Ackles, because if pretty, funny, charming and kickass demon hunting counted for anything, he would win hands down. But, as it doesn't...

Anyway, I had every intention of watching said Emmy's and commenting on the winners, the clothes, the acceptance speaches, the horror and the delight. But then, I kinda forgot. Last night I watched something called "Blood Book" and then fell asleep while The Husband watched "Pawn Stars." I never even knew the Emmy's were on. Fail.

So, this morning, I combed the internet and came up with the winners to comment on my own predictions. Which were, by and large, wrong. Four will wins won. Two should wins won. I guess that's about the best I can do. Anyway, for your summary pleasure. Or your didn't-watch-it-either-but-also-meant-to pleasure. You know, whatever:
Best Comedy Series- Called it!
"30 Rock" could be the only show on telivision and our friends at the Emmy's wouldn't know the difference. How many statues does one show need?
Best Actor in a Comedy Series - Cry. Whimper. Sniff
Alec Baldwin won, making the 9,859,342nd win for "30 Rock." You know, 30 Rock, sometimes it's nice to let someone else have a crack at it. I'm still crying about Jim Parsons. I knew he wouldn't win, but you know, I said that about Slumdog Millionaire, too.
Best Actress in a Comedy Series - Oh.
Toni Collette took out Tina Fey and I really don't have an opinion about that. "United States of Tara" is the only show in this category that I've never seen, so you know. Should get those pay channels if I'm going to make Emmy picks I guess. Who knew?
Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series - I hate it when I'm right.
Jon Cryer from "Two and a Half Men" took the Emmy. Right out of Neil Patrick Harris's hands, practically. Or perhaps only in my mind.
Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series - Win!!
Very pleased that my should win, Kristin Chenoweth actually took the statue home. Why, oh why would they cancel such a great, award winning show?

Best Drama Series - Some things are so predictable.
Okay, I get "Mad Men" is the best show I'm not watching or whatever. But this could have been pre-taped, because it surprised NO ONE.
Best Actor in a Drama Series - Win, 2!!
Another of my should win's won. Bryan Cranston. If you are not watching "Breaking Bad," then you are really missing out on some fine acting, one of the weirdest premises ever and a generally entertaining show.
Best Actress in a Drama Series - Well, Kyra still has Kevin Bacon. Which would be good enough for me.
Glenn Close walked away with it and I don't really begrudge her the win. She's good.
Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Does anyone still watch "Lost?"
I mean, I guess they must, but I just don't get it. Aaron Paul, I weep for you, but at least William Shatner didn't win.
Supporting Actress in a Drama Series - And the underdog takes it!
I totally didn't care who won this category, but as the only actress not from "In Treatment" or "Grey's Anatomy" I kinda was rooting for Rose. So, go Rose.
Reality TV
Reality Competition Program - Feel-goody always wins.
"The Amazing Race" walked away with it. And no one cared. Even a little.

Reality Series - I know my reality shows, unfortunately.
"Intervention" won, again surprising no one. I actually had to go to the Emmy webpage to find out who won because it was so darn uninteresting.

Of course, the event of the night was the Dr. Horrible appearance. All of the Joss Whedon groupies (myself included) squeed with delight and then cried with joy. Fabulous!


Strangeite said...

Oh, how I miss Pushing Daisies.

Jessi said...

I'm so glad someone else watched that. It was a fabulous show. And seriously, who doesn't love Kristen Chenowith