Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Conversations with a Four Year Old

Anyone feeling like I've left you? Sorry about that. It just happens sometimes. I can't believe it's been a week, and I am very sorry. It's been a crazy hectic week full of craptacualarness, and also The Husband's birthday. You know how it is.

Anyway, here I am, a week later, with nothing more interesting to say than "Oh, hey, my kid says funny stuff." But whatever:

Brynna: Mommy?
Jessi: Yes.
B: I'm going to be a good mommy someday.
J: I'm sure you will. You're already such a good dolly mommy.
B: Yeah. I'm going to have two girls and a boy.
J: Really?
B: Yes, I'm going to name them Samantha, Brynna, Robert and Mister.
J: Is that two girls and two boys or is Robert Mister one name.
B: No. Two girls and two boys. I just changed my mind.
J: That's cool. Did you know daddy's real name is Robert.
B: Yes, but I'm naming my Robert after someone else.

J: Did you see Uncle D?
B: Yes. But only for a minute. He came right in and right out.
J: Oh. Was M with him?
B: No, that boy who came to our house was with him.
J: Tyler.
B: Yep. Him. He's handsome.
J: Really?
B: Yes. I can't talk to him because he makes me giggle.
J: Oh... Well...
B: I like handsome boys. I think I'll marry a handsome boy when I grow up. Like Griffin. Or Ryan.
J: Well, that's always a... that's a plan, I guess.

B: Mommy. I think you should have a Jonas Brothers birthday party.
J: Why?
B: Because they're funny. Do you remember when they made the cake and it got all over the stuff and the one put his foot in a bucket? That was funny.
J: Yeah. That was funny. So you like the show and not the music.
B: I kinda just like looking at them.
J: Walks away quickly.

So, what do you all think? Phase? Am I in big trouble? Is this just the next logical step in her experimentation with social systems? Will the upside of this be that I won't have to hear the constant drama over who is Skylar's best friend today and who isn't talking to Maya anymore and who was mean to Autumn? Have we moved on? Because I can deal with a boy crazy four year old if it means that drama queen popular girl is gone.

Also, this is probably the last Conversations with a Four Year Old for a while. In just a 13 days (that's right, less than 2 weeks) she will be five. Wish me luck with that.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I guffawed when reading this! I'm so glad my boss is gone to lunch and can't hear me laughing like a loon. May I say, yet again, how glad I am to have a boy, and how much my prayers are with you? LOL. Just kidding. I'm sure everything will be fine - just so long as she has the JoBros to look at. Whee!

Becca said...

I am also glad I have a boy. Wow.

Jonas Brothers, huh? Could be worse. I had a crush on Bob from Sesame Street when I was that age.

highlyirritable said...

I have a five year old boy. When he gets mad he says things like "I wish I was a giant so I could eat the roof off this house and then the mosquitos would bite you."