Friday, July 3, 2009

Fourth Plans

This year, the fourth is a little weird for us. We have two separate fourth of July traditions, both of which are going un-traditioned this year.

Tradition 1 - My Family - We sit around all day complaining about how hot it is, cook out some food and eat and then go to the park to see the big fire work show. Only, we don't like the crowd and, you know, myriad fun stuff to do at the park, so we go to the little park (which is weirdly right next to the big park - we call it the park annex, but we're the only ones) and set up camp chairs and sit around talking about how hot it is.

Tradition 2 - Hubby's Family - We go to his Aunt's house. Her house is about the same size as mine, except with more, smaller rooms. But she has all the family gatherings. No one is sure why. On the fourth, she turns off the air conditioning so people won't be going in and out and letting all that nice cold air out. She has a pool, but I have somehow never managed to go to an event where the pool was open. We sit around and complain about how hot it is. Then, typically, one of us gets heat poisoning - me-1, Brynna-1, Hubby-0 and we go home before the fireworks. It's very exciting.

This year, we are going to our local parade (which is twenty minutes away) then after 11 hours, we'll go back to see the fireworks. I think it's weird that these two events aren't better coordinated, but hey, maybe it's just me. I hope there's some new music at the fireworks this year. I'm getting a little tired of Thank God for the USA. It's not that I don't like the song, it's just that it's not the world's best music to go with fireworks. Although, I always get a big kick out of it when they use Born in the U.S.A. You'd think the rest of the world would have learned from Ronald Reagan's mistake, but I guess they figure, hey he got elected. What's the worst that can happen.

Hope you all have a happy fourth.


Suze said...

"hey he got elected. what's the worst that could happen." well, I think8 years of GWB was pretty bad, but that's just me...

My plans for the fourth consist of making a list of household chores that won't get done and hoping the kids don't scream and whine through the fireworks tonight.

Bob said...

Here-here. All classical music this year and too quiet for me to hear, so all's well. I'll post pics later.