Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth Fruition

Well, we didn't make the parade. Turns out Brynna only wanted to go because she thought she was going to be IN the parade. When she found out she would be WATCHING the parade, interest waned.

But the fireworks were cool. First of all, do you have a minivan? If your answer is no, start shopping. Okay, okay, I know. Infinitely uncool. I get it. It's all soccer mommish. But, seriously, if you drove one for a while, you wouldn't care about all the soccer mom jokes in the world.

It rained all day. Which meant that our plan on sitting on a blanket to watch the fireworks went flying out the window. Quickly. And, since we had left our camp chairs out on the deck, we didn't really have a great alternative. Except for the van.

We popped up the rear end, laid down the back seat (which makes a table top complete with cupholders when you lay it down) and all four sat comfortably out of the rain.

It's like a living room that goes to the park with you.

The kids had really cute fourth of July themed outfits on. Not because I bought them but because I love hand-me-downs. But, alas, you couldn't see them. Because, despite the two prior weeks of near 100 degree days we've had, it was like 60 at the fireworks. I may be exaggerating, but I did have to go dig in the basement for jackets.

I planned on taking some nice shots of the fireworks, but my battery died before they started. It turns out that's what that weird light means. So, my last pictures before dead battery were of Hubby and Brynna having big fun. Which, I guess is better because you could just google fireworks and see some very similar to what we saw.

However, there was one new firework. One, the likes of which I had never seen. It was like a really, really deafeningly loud strobe light. Most annoying thing ever. Plus, I only have two hands and four little girl ears to cover.

Hope you all had great fourths and no deafening-strobe-light fireworks!

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Suze said...

We saw lots of the loud strobe light fireworks, too, and surprisingly, Daniel wasn't scared of them.
We also needed jackets, but I just consider that a perk of living up north: you're not necessarily guaranteed to roast yourself on the 4th of July!