Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time Change

Can I just say, the time change kills me? Seriously. (Well, not literally, obviously, though I'm sure some of you wondered with my extended absence.)

I am one of those people with a really accurate internal clock. I can tell you within about ten minutes what time it is almost all the time. I can also set my clock for ten minutes of sleep and sleep for almost exactly nine minutes. (My internal clock runs slightly fast, but still...) I think that's why the time change bothers me so much.

My body does not want to go to bed early enough, therefore it really doesn't want to get up early enough. So, here is my rant about daylight savings. Because the only thing in my head is sleep, sleep, sleep parading like sheep, sheep, sheep begging to be counted. (It's made me tired, just typing that sentence.)

Wasn't daylight savings invented for farmers? Haven't we made being a professional farmer a nearly impossible thing? So, why are we not only keeping up with daylight savings but EXPANDING it?!? Daylight savings ends in November this year, people. Seriously, that means that I only have 4 months of normal time. Can we even call it "normal" or "standard" time when daylight savings has a 2 to 1 majority?

Plus, will someone please explain to me how I am saving daylight when I have to drag my poor kids out of the house in the pitch dark to go to school, IN THE SPRING!!! It's bad enough that there is a solid 6 weeks in the winter when I have to explain every morning that it really is morning even though the sun hasn't gotten out of bed yet. But now, I have to do it again when Spring hits because of stupid, stupid daylight savings.

(This is when my 4-year old thought police would normally jump in and tell me that "We don't say stupid, mommy." I hate having my words thrown back at me. Plus, I am all for having the little tree-hugger kid and I have done everything in my power to raise this kid as an environmentalist, but if she tells me one more time that "That is called wasting!" when I pull off two sheets of toilet paper instead of one, my head is going to explode.)

Where was I? Oh yes, daylight savings sucks!! (We don't say sucks, mommy.)

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