Monday, March 2, 2009

The Blog that Should Have Been

Today, I was soooo ready to blog. Okay, I didn't finish doing the three month pictures, but I started and I got one really good one. (And at least five funny ones.) I'd show you, but I forgot my memory card.

Also, Brynna and I did a super-cool project, fixing up her dresser. I took a bunch of pictures to show you what a desperate, no creative soul wandering hopelessly, no purposefully through Michael's and a brilliant four-year old with no bounds to her imagination can create together. But again, that pesky memory card.

I also cleaned off said memory card and found proof, that's right, proof of my daughter's insane fashion sense. Everything today involved pictures.

I was also sick. I have no pictures of that, but that's my excuse for my memory loss today. I'll have to come up with another excuse tomorrow... In the meantime, you've got some good stuff coming your way. Illustrated stuff no less. I haven't posted a picture since Maren was born, so get ready!

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