Saturday, January 17, 2009

Unexpected Lessons of Maternity Leave

So, as my maternity leave begins to draw to a close, I find myself reflective about many, many things. (Mostly about how much I don't want to give up my life from the past few weeks to return to my old life, but other things too.) So I thought I would compile a quick list of a few things that I have learned from this particular maternity leave.

1. If you have glaucoma, you better not get anything else. I have been watching a lot of television. Mostly because it's been really cold, and we've been really broke, so what else am I gonna do. There are quite a few commercials on for various prescription medications and nearly all of them tell you (in the fast-voice portion of the commercial) that you should not take this medication if you have glaucoma. I'm not sure why that is, but it worries me.

2. There is nothing more calming that babies breathing. Pretty much the best way to get to sleep when you are too tired to sleep is to plop that baby down on your chest. Unfortunatly, it's not good to sleep with the baby on your chest. So, it's a catch 22, or at the very least, a cruel joke from God.

3. Hot cheerios make a fabulous lunch. For those who don't know, my favorite food on Earth, is hot cheerios. As far as I know, my mom invented this food, although maybe not. Basically, imagine the world's best chex mix, with lots of worchester, then take out all the mix and add cheerios. Then, eat them hot out of the oven. Yes, you can let them cool and they are still good (I only assume this is true, because they never last long enough to cool in my house). Who would want to, though. Anyway, I justify my decision to eat nothing by hot cheerios for lunch by looking at the fiber content. Plenty of people eat nothing but cheerios for breakfast, right?

So, those are my three unexpected maternity leave lessons. I'm sure I learned something more useful as well, but, well, let's face. Useful isn't nearly as fun.

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