Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Girly Things

There is something about baby girls that makes me want to shop! We found out yesterday that our newest precious is a girl. So, Maren (or Maryn or possibly Maeryn - feel free to vote in the comments) Abigail will be making her debut sometime in December (or very late November). Immediately after finding out, I was overcome by the nearly inescapable desire to shop. I wonder if I would have had the same impulse if it was a boy if there is something more boy related that I would have felt compelled to do.

With Brynna, we got girly things, don't get me wrong, we got lots of pink blankets and lacy bibs and beautiful little dresses. But our big things, we stuck with gender neutral because we didn't know what the following little ones would be. Now, we know, girl. This is the last, we've decided, so...

I want a pink bouncy seat and a big ole lavender diaper bag. I no longer need anything navy blue. Anything. It's kind of ridiculous. I want people to look at me and say, "Now there is a mom of some girls." I think I may be crazy.

I do feel sorry for my husband, though. Poor man is going to be the only man with a wife, two daughters, a little girl dog. Even the fish is a girl. Well, it might not be, but Brynna has decided it is and none of us are about to argue about it. Especially since we have no clue how to tell for sure.

Poor guy, he may never own anything without glitter again.


Allenfamilyadventure said...

Hi Jessi,

Just found your blog through facebook. Congratulations on having another girl. I too love girly things, although I've had to tone it down a bit since I had a little boy in May. My husband insists on very masculine attire for him! The other day I bought and adorable christmas outfit off of ebay for him and dressed him in it complete with bonnet! Brent freaked out and vetoed it immediately!! Anyway, keep up the blogging. I love it too and am way more addicted to my blog than I will ever be to Facebook. I have a link to it on my page if you ever want to check it out. Congrats and tell Bob I said "Hi."

Liezlbug said...

I'm going to vote, I like Maryn. Although Maeryn is really cool too. And I wouldn't worry too much about Bob... he can always turn on of them into a video-game-loving-tomboy or something :) haha
everyone that i know that's pregnant right now is having a keep your fingers crossed that sharlene's is a girl too because that's what she'd love to have!