Monday, April 7, 2008

Babysitting the Rabbit

First of all, I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted. I know, I know, it's been a month and I truly apologize. I love you all (or both, whatever). I will do my best to do better.

Today, though, I speak about the joys, nay the ectasy, of keeping PomPom over Spring break. (Note the sarcasm). I have often wondered what possessed people to keep anything other than dogs and cats and possibly fish for pets. Today, I tell you, I still marvel.

For those of you who don't know, PomPom is the classroom rabbit in my daughter's Montessori class. Cute little thing, mostly white with those sticky-uppy, velvety ears. I love those ears. My new boss has a pet rabbit named Henry. I went to visit Henry and learn all about pet rabbits in preparation for this experience.

Henry is very personable, although it seems his favorite activity is sleeping, litter trained and playful. PomPom is anti-social, skittish and scratchy. Yes, did you know that picking up a rabbit puts you in iminent risk of having your hands shredded like cheese? It's true.

You can't blame PomPom, though. My most horrific moments came as Brynna played in the same room where PomPom took temporary residence. She was so happy just to be in the same area as PomPom that her playtime would often errupt into ear-bleeding shrieks of joy. I was convinced that the bunny would have a tiny cardiac arrest and I would be in the not-so-pleasant position of replacing the bunny-kins. This, thankfully, did not happen.

It was during these moments, though, that I realized why such a scary event would not kill a poor, scared, animal of prey. He's used to it. Maybe not the squealing, it seems to be a pretty quiet classroom, for a classroom. But, this rabbit's only company is 20 3-5 year olds. Poor thing. They also only visit for the last hour or so of his normal waking cycle and then hang around, keeping him awake, long after he should have gone to nappy-ville.

It was nearly impossible to get him to come out for a romp around the playroom, but then I realized, who would want to get out of their nice, comfy, safe cage to dartt between the feet of 20 pre-schoolers.

Oh, and did I mention the smell. Ten minutes after cleaning out the cage, you could again smell the smell.

All in all, though, we really did have a nice time hosting PomPom. My husband and I learned about small animal care and Brynna had a blast playing hostess for the furry, little thing. I'll be better prepared next Spring Break. Oh, yes, we'll do it again. It's worth it.

But he can't stay more than a week. I mean it.

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