Wednesday, March 5, 2008

There are No Pictures of Me

I know at least 20 moms who say the same the thing. There are just no pictures of me. I have 2 actually, the one that is on this page and the one that is on my facebook and myspace profiles. That's it, just the 2 and the other one won't work on this page. That picture you see there is from 2005. It's the best and most recent I can do. Why is that?

The first reason is that I don't jump at having my picture taken in the first place. I don't like myself in photographs. And when people want to take my picture, it is usually when I am trying to get people to take Brynna's picture and I am running around like an idiot and my hair is everywhere and my face is red and I just don't appreciate it. I actually do have 1 picture of me from Brynna's last birthday party, but I am not claiming it. That is someone else looking all frazzled and crazy-woman in that picture, not me.

The second reason is that I always have the camera. I bet other people have pictures of me, but have chosen not to share them with me and that's fine. But in my house, I'm the camera person. Therefore, there are 6 million pictures of Brynna, 20 pictures of my husband and 2 of me. And one was taken by a professional. Why do I always have the camera, you ask. Is my husband incompetent at photography. Quite the contrary, some of our best pictures were taken by him. Case in point to the left.

I don't know the answer. Maybe I don't trust him to take enough pictures, or to capture the right moments, mabye it's my control-freak self going into overdrive. But I really think that it's so there won't be any pictures of me. Which means, (drumroll please) that I can't complain when there aren't any pictures of me.

I hereby resolve to post pictures of me early next week at the latest. I will have a picture-a-thon with Brynna and we will take pictures until our smiles hurt. It'll be fun and I won't regret it. I hope.

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