Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Judging my Parenting Skills

So, I have discovered a new matrix to use when judging your parenting skills. Watching those of your child. Parents of boys, this may not apply to you.
I have been watching Brynna play mommy. Understand that this is a new development in our house. Brynna plays dress-up, she plays big sister, she plays ponies and the big ponies are mommies and the little ponies are kids, but until a couple of weeks ago, she never played mommy.

After a rough day last week, she was playing mommy in the tub and fussing at Dora for getting dirty. At first, I felt pretty good about myself. Instead of yelling or whining at Dora, she laughed and said, "Oh, little Dora, what HAVE you done?" It was kind of cute and mostly how I handle those situations. I have always thought it was a good idea to find the humor. But then she went on and on and on. She nagged and cajoled Dora for 15 minutes as she washed her up and every few minutes made little jokes to me about messy, messy Dora. By the end of it, I felt like maybe I wasn't so great in those situations after all.

Then last night, was my moment of glory. Brynna very carefully fed and changed her babies. (Note to self, the poor child needs doll diapers. It's pathetic watching her try to make dishrags stay in place while she gets their pants pulled up.) Then she quietly tucked them into bed. As she was covering each one, she gently kissed them, leaned down and said, "I love you and I'm so glad you ended up with me." I rock! I'm the best mom ever! I should give classes, I'm so good at this stuff!

Then this morning, she was playing with her ponies. Baby pony: But Mommy Pony, I don't want to wear that silly hat.Mommy pony: I don't care what you want to wear, it's time for school and you'll put on these silly, boring clothes and wear them to school or I'll throw you down the hill.

I swear I've never said that. But the classes are cancelled.

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