Monday, June 16, 2014

Day One

My kids are gone this week. For the next week, I have the house to myself and they are spending quality time with the other half of their family.

Summer is weird for me. On the one hand, not that much changes. I work, the kids are gone all day, yadda-yadda. On the other hand, I get to sleep later and sometimes the kids are gone all night too.

This year, Brynna is going to sleep away camp. Twice. For two solid weeks, we is going to mean me and Maren.

And then there's this week, where we means me and the dog. We are having a great week, so far, by the way. We've slept late, worked in the house and been amazed at how quiet things are. We miss the kids, but not desperately. Not yet.

What I am doing, though, is over scheduling. Which is what it's like to be me. I look at any opportunity and I think, "Wow, that's the perfect time to do x, y, z." And then ten minutes later, I think, "I should really do a, b, and c." And then that morning, I wake up and think, "Oooh, q! I've wanted to do q for so long."

I am a glutton for punishment. You'd think that just sitting and enjoying would be enough. But then, I might have to miss the little birdies. And you know, can't have that.

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