Friday, May 23, 2014

So, Instead of Coming Up with Five Things...

Instead of coming up with Five Things today, I totally re-did the blog. Just 'cause. Also, I changed the name. Which was probably a bad idea, but you guys know that I've been here six years, right? Six freakin' years, I've lived in this space and well, I guess it's just time to something a little more drastic than redecorate.

Also, I know that you people, my lovies, will follow me.

And I always thought that tagline was way more witty than the title, and that can not stand.

And I just wanted something bright and new and fresh looking.

I kinda want to paint my whole house white and get all white furniture and live right here inside this new design.

And check out the top of your tab up there. Isn't that dandelion hanging out there just the happiest little thing ever?

And, wouldja lookit that? I came up with Five Reasons I Changed My Blog.

I'm so good.


Joni said...

I love it! Usually I read your blog in a reader, which is also why you don't get comments from me. Yes, that's how lazy I am. However, I popped over to visit your redesign, and it's great! Really the main reason for my comment, though, is that the picture of you in your About section over there is just precious! You look awesome! :)

Elizabeth said...

It looks great -- as does the adorable photo of you adorning the right sidebar!

Meesh said...

It looks great. I keep trying to get around to fixing up mine but.. life! and stuff! ;)

Jessi said...

Thanks everyone! I really love it.