Friday, May 30, 2014

Five Things on Friday: Current Obsessions Edition

If I could only use one word to describe myself, it would be obsessive. Not OCD (gah, my house), but just plain obsessive.

I get obsessed and I do things. Strange things. Like binge watch entire seasons of TV or read every little thing an author has ever written.

Feeling good, as I do*, means that I have a little more energy to burn, and so a little more headspace for obsession. And therefore, today, I bring you

Five Things I am Obsessed with Right Now

Why yes, yes I did.
1. 2048 - If you haven't played this game, you might just want to avoid it entirely. I mean, yes, it's fun and simple and there are million different fun versions available to play for free (Benedict Cumberbatch 2048 anyone?). But it's so addictive. I mean, I seriously have trouble accomplishing anything knowing that it's only a click away. And then? And then I put it on my phone. I am doomed. Really, really doomed.

2. Fallout Boy - I know I'm about a decade late and a million years too old, but I blame Tumblr. I am seriously hooked. Especially on this song. Warning: this song is NSFW, NSFChildren and NSFGrandparents. But oh, my goodness, all I need is a open road, this song and my screaming lungs.

Image courtesy
Image Comics.
3. Saga - Speaking of NSF?... After having about 10 million people tell me that I seriously need to read this, like now, I found a pretty great bargain on the first two collected editions (i.e. Issues 1-12) and Image describes it as being an "epic space opera/fantasy comic book series." And okay, sure-sure. But more than that, it is brilliant, insightful and cutting. And just heart breaking if you are a parent.

Image courtesy Netflix.
4. Orange is the New Black - Again, NSFAnything. And again, a million people told me to go watch it right now, but honestly, you know, I'm glad I waited. Because had I watched this last summer, I'm not sure I could have waited until June for Season 2. In case you live under a rock and no one has tried to sell you on this. OitNB is a Netflix series about an engaged yuppie who ends up serving 15 months in prison for carrying drugs for her girlfriend in her younger, wilder days. And the prison politics and gossip is better than middle school. And the lead character, Piper's, undying naivite about nearly everything is amazing to watch.

5. Homemade Cleaning Products - I spent a while on the homemade cleaning products thing. You know, because of the lack of skin eating chemicals for my kids and the CHEAPNESS, but then I kinda quit. Because of the laziness. My mom still makes me laundry detergent and I was making wrinkle release and all purpose cleaner but that was about it. Then, this weekend, I made shower scrub and holy mother of gleaming whiteness was that stuff awesome. And I'm back. I'm going to whip up a few things this weekend, but here's where I keep my recipes.

Okay, so that's it. What are you obsessed with recently? Or do you not do this sudden and all encompassing geeking out? Let me know what that's like, too. Because, clearly I have no idea.

*Have I mentioned how good I feel? I really feel rather excellent. Except that I felt so good I went and wore myself out scrubbing my bathroom walls down and then tripped and royally screwed up my right foot, so now I feel good, but hobbly.

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