Friday, October 4, 2013

Five Things on Friday - Not So Guilty Pleasure Edition

I'm reclaiming my life. I don't even know what that means, but it occurred to me recently, when I quick shut up and quit singing something in the grocery store. Not because I don't want people in the grocery to think I'm crazy for walking down the aisles singing, but because I don't want them to think that I am so un-hip that I listen to what is basically a kid's group.

I do this all the time. I love things, full fledged and excitedly, and I hide them because I don't think they are cool enough.

It's time to grow up. Like what I like. Embrace who I really am, forget about what everyone else thinks. So, here we go: public announcement.

Five Things I Don't Feel Bad About Liking

1. R5 - I can't help it. They are so catchy and cute and holy crap, I could listen to "Pass Me By" on repeat all day long. I'm even going to forgive them for using "livin' yolo" as a lyric, as if that's a real word. And it's not just about Russ, despite what's going on in #2. It's about the whole sound. It's so happy. Even their sad songs are happy and hopeful. It makes me wanna dance and laugh and throw my hands in the air. I like that, okay? I like feeling like there's something worth smiling about.

2. Austin and Ally - I watch this with Brynna and Maren all the time, and I like it because it's almost never mean, it's cute, Trish is awesome and seriously, adult shows could learn a thing or two about "will they, won't they" from this. They date, they break up. They're in love, they're with other people. He wrote her a love letter, she keeps his flower card. It's crazy. And even though I know, it's Disney, I can't help but stop everything and watch when it's an episode I haven't seen. I even watch when the girls aren't home, shhh. This isn't the only Disney show that I can't seem to turn away from. I also love Good Luck Charlie and Gravity Falls. But nothing is as addictive as Austin and Ally.

3. Seth Rogen - It started with Freaks and Geeks, but you know what? I'm sunk. I've spent the last few weeks watching everything he's ever done (that I can get my hands on for free). And you know, some of it sucks. Although, I loved Green Hornet and I know most people hated that. I hated Paul. But I watched the whole freaking thing. Because *sigh* Seth Rogen. I mean, really, Ian Sommerhalder, Jensen Ackles and Seth Rogen. Will someone please explain my type to me.

4. Pizza rolls, Kool-Ade, Spaghetti-O's and Peanut Butter Spoons - I also like fancy-schmancy food, but there is nothing like a peanut butter spoon and spaghetti-o's for supper. When the kids are away.

5. Candy Crush - I have been on level 125 for three weeks. I still can't quit playing. Also, I refuse to link it to Facebook, because of all the game requests, so I have to do quests. Yep. Still sold. I wish I could quit you.

What about you? Willing to share anything you love that maybe sometimes wish you didn't?


Suze said...

Candy corn. If they are in my house, I can't stop eating them.
Also, crime procedurals. I know they're not good TV, but I kinda like to watch them anyway - all the serious cops with gravely voices, the terrible puns, the last-minute confessions - there's something soothing about the predictability of that.

Jessi said...

Yeah, predictable TV is like warm cocoa, soothing and relaxing. And probably not that good for my health, but screw it.

Meeshie said...

Those stupid teen mom shows. I like to watch them and yell at the tv. Gahhhh idiots.

Jessi said...

It's good to yell at the TV. I think that's why I watch bad horror movies.

Meeshie said...

All my non-judgementalism goes away and I'm all like "Oh my God!!!! She put the baby in the bath before his umbillical stump fell off!!!" "What the hell?? She's out partying again?? Someone call DCF!!"

Hours of this. My husband? Not nearly as amused. I got into this habit while I was pregnant and on bed rest because I was sooo bored.

Cathy G. said...

Ahhh Candy Crush....I was on level 104, but switched phones. I am now on level 50, because I had to start all over again. I play on Facebook now too, but they won't coordinate, so I'm on level 24 there.....but I always have lives now. Sad, isn't it?!?