Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Things on Friday: Cold Weather Edition

This has been a crazy month. A terrible month, in a lot of ways, but a good month in that I survived it and I did not fall into a giant depression hole of doom. This is a real thing that happens to people and has happened to me. I held myself at the edge of the hole without falling in and that makes me happy and proud and a little amazed, because a year ago I fell into that hole once a week.

And, now, we sit ready to embark on September. September, oh glorious September. I have sort of a love-hate relationship with September because it's generally regarded as being "fall," coming, as it does, mostly after Labor Day. And yet, September is still very often ten million degrees. I am not exaggerating. Except that I am.

So, in that vein, I shall share
Five Things that Should be Saved for Cold Weather

1. Fall school pictures - We have pictures twice a year around here. We have fall pictures and spring pictures. I personally believe that this because the schools are trying to kill us. It could be fundraising. I don't know, exactly. But, in any case, the thing that I like about the idea of fall pictures and spring pictures is that I should be able to have pictures of my kids in cute fuzzy sweaters and adorable sundresses. No. Because, really, they are both in the summer. This year, "fall" pictures have already been taken and I bet "spring" pictures will come in late April. You know, so lots of summer clothes and sandals. Absolutely no fuzzy sweaters.

2. Football - I have had four sunburns this year. Three of them were obtained at football practice and games. Seriously, football should involve stadium blankets and hot cocoa, not frozen water bottles and tank tops. Of course it doesn't help that when you are four, your games are at 1 p.m., but still. Football=hoodies. Make it so.

3. Pumpkins - I'm starting to see the first pumpkins out for purchase and it makes my head hurt. There should be frost on the pumpkins. Not sweat.

4. Fall festivals - My small town fall festival is next weekend. Next weekend. The current forecast says low 80's. And okay, thank goodness for the word low, but this is hardly sweatshirt weather. And that is what you should wear to fall festivals: sweatshirts and cute but sensible boots.

5. The Great Winter Panic - Every year, I enjoy the discussion of the winter to come. What color are the woolly worms? When did the acorns start to fall? Something, something, pigs' intestines? This year, it sounds like it's going to be horrible. And by horrible, I mean right up Jessi's alley. Of course, Jessi liked that alley better before she started paying for heat. But in any case, this conversation is supposed to just hold it's horses until the sun shifts and the nights get chilly.

In short, I'm longing for jeans and hoodies, boots and scarves, jackets and steaming cider. I just wish that it would hurry up and get here. I'm melting doing all this autumn stuff in beach weather.

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