Monday, June 3, 2013

Addictive Personality

A couple of weekends ago, I watched the entire first season (13 episodes) of Hemlock Grove in one day. I was cleaning, so it's not like I was just stuck to my couch for 13 hours, but still...

Over the past week, I have watched the first two and a half seasons of Downton Abbey.

I have a problem.

I'm not sure why this problem has never resulted in chemical dependency, but thank heavens above for small favors.

The truth is that this is kinda how I do things.

Authors: I read a book I like. Halfway through, I will take to google and see what else he/she has written. At about the three quarter mark, I'll check the library for physical and e-editions of any/all of their previous books. I will follow them on Facebook. I will see if they have a blog. Goodreads. Tumblr. I will have read their entire bibliography in less than a year. I will decide to marry them.

Actors: I will see a movie I like. I will become obsessed with an actor/ress. I will IMDB them continuously. I will see what from their list is on Netflix. I will watch anything/everything I can find for free. I will check the DVD's at the library even though I know most of them are scratched and I am always mad when I check one out, plus I forget to take it back and end up owing the library almost as much in fines as just renting the stupid thing. I will decide to marry them.

Bloggers: I am not even going to tell you for how many bloggers I have read every entry in their archives. It's sort of embarrassing.

TV Shows: Well... there are many ways to skin a cat.

Most recently, Netflix is my enabler. Sometimes it is a holiday weekend marathon.

But, hello DVR. What the DVR has allowed me to do is essentially make EVERYTHING I WATCH into a marathon. Oh yes, there are a few shows I watch live or one at a time within a few days of being recorded, but mostly, I just let them build up and then watch a great big string of them at one. I have literally not watched a single episode of Defiance. Not one. I'm not even entirely sure I'm going to like it. I haven't watched Grimm since Christmas.

It's worrisome, really. Someone should stage an intervention. Just not until I finish the third season of Downton, okay?


Suze said...

I love binging on TV shows. Since the kids came along, we've had to cut back a little.
Have you seen Arrested Development?

Jessi said...

No. Everyone seems to think I'd love it, though, so I guess I should give it a shot.