Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just a Warning

Last week, when I was missing, (Don't pretend you didn't notice. I know you were all pining away after me.) I was somewhere that wasn't here. Where, you may ask, full of trepidation and wanderlust... Well, here's a clue:

That's right, I was in Disney World... The House of the Mouse... The Happiest Place on Earth... Where Magic Reigns Supreme... Land of a Thousand Smiles... am I just making up names now? Yes. Okay.

The girls, my mom, my sister-in-law-in-training and I went down for three days and four nights of unfettered joy and glee. I'll be gushing all week. I'll try to keep it down.

In the meantime, because I am still trying to recover my senses... Because I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concept of getting up and going to work... Because my daughter was up between midnight and three a.m. throwing up all over me... Because I seem to have developed an inexplicable addiction to ellipses... You get a list.
  • Maren's favorite thing was the pool. We could have gone to the pool without leaving the state. Kids. And their boxes. Bah.
  • Both of my kids like roller coasters. This is a major thing for me, a woman who has spent a good portion of her life surrounded by roller coaster wusses. 
  • Explain the concept of Hidden Mickey's to a kid and they will respond by pointed out every cluster of three they see, regardless of shape, size of similarity to Mickey's famous silhouette. 
  • 15 hour drive. 
Tomorrow there will be more pictures. I promise. I may have broken the brain in my phone. I forgot my cord and tried to email about 20 pics to myself. That's dangerous, right there. 

Anyway, welcome home to me. Sick babies, early mornings, messy house (or it was) and now it's time to get serious about dieting. Bah humbug. I wanna go back to Disney.


Steve Finnell said...

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Strangeite said...

I am experiencing the strangest form of jealously and happiness for you.

In Maren's defense, Disney does have the most incredible pools.

Jessi said...

Strangeite - Yes, I know how you love the Kingdom, too. And it was a pretty great pool. Just not as great as Space Mountain.