Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Magic of Water, Soap and Agitation

A few months ago, I went down to the basement to switch out the laundry. I emptied the dryer and opened the washer.

Hmm. There appears to be an awful lot of water in there.

I turned the dial to spin and hit the start button.

Hmm. Shouldn't there be spinning now. Or that plane taking off noise. Or something.

A lot of hard work and phone calls on the part of my stepdad and lo and behold, turns out the board was shot and the water pump was leaking. $400

Wait, how much does a new washer cost?

I went round and round about the fix vs. replace issue, and finally landed on "I'm broke, who cares."

No, just kidding. I decided on "I'm broke, but when I'm not I'm gonna buy me an awesome rockin' washing machine of wonder."

And I did.

The End.

Just kidding again. I mean, kinda. That is the end.

But there's more from the middle.

See, in the meantime, I had these kids. And this job and all of these things required that there be clean clothes in my life. Fortunately, I have the world's greatest mom who did my laundry for about three months. Because she loves me.

However, as of last Thursday, I have a washing machine. And there was much rejoicing! (*Yay*)

And here's the thing: I could not love having my laundry capabilities back more. I am so freakin' happy to be capable of clothes washing. However, well, I think this is best expressed in list form:

  1. Of course, three months is apparently enough time to do some serious damage. What I'm saying here is that even though a few short months ago, I was within two loads of being caught up, I will never-ever-ever get caught up again. The bed clothes alone are worth probably two months of laundry goodness. 
  2. I own far too many towels. Who needs that many towels?
  3. Oh, I love my comforter. I didn't want my mom to have to deal with it (or schlep the thing all the way to her house) so I've just made do with quilts and blankets. Last night I slept with a comforter and I think I actually died for seven and one half hours - that's how good I slept.
  4. Putting away all these clean clothes is a pain.
  5. A pain which my children are very soon going to experience. In spades. The only reason they haven't yet is that I've been trying to weed out all the things that don't fit from their drawers because I seriously don't know how all these clean clothes are going to fit.
  6. Have I mentioned that I am abysmally behind? 
  7. Because combine number 5 and number 6 and explain to me how this ever worked out. Seriously, I don't feel like they own that many clothes. I think I need to re-evaluate my children's clothing buying habits.
In short. Clean clothes = happy Jessi. May your jeans always be clean, your towels always be soft and may you never have to wear mis-matched character knee socks to work. Amen.

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