Monday, February 25, 2013

And this is Why...

So, that church I've been going to. They talk about Lent. Not in any specific way that would helpfully tell me specifically what they believe about Lent, but in a "Hey, yo. It's the second Sunday of Lent, let's sing some hymns about sacrifice," kind of way.

I've talked before about my weird, kinda relationship with Lent. Most years I think about it, some years I choose to give something up, then I fail because thinking about Lent is not something I'm used to.

This year, inspired by my daughter's decision to give up peanut butter (out of solidarity with her highly allergic friend and her constant and inspiring desire to ) and a very inspiring sermon about sacrifice, I decided to give up chocolate.

Here's the thing: I love chocolate. I know that's trite and who doesn't and all, but it's really and truly a thing for me. Chocolate makes me happy. Chocolate and peanut butter makes me ecstatic. But, I've been going a little overboard and I know that I need to solve my own problems and not expect some cocoa powder, milk and sugar to do it for me.

But, I had this feeling like there was a reason - some very specific reason - why I had never given up chocolate before. But I couldn't remember what it was. So, I began. And I was doing really well. I ate half a chocolate chip cookie before I remembered that there was chocolate in that thing.* But that was my only week one stumble.

Then, came the Girl Scout Cookies. 'Cause, you know, I have some Girl Scouts and sometime in January, I ordered a bunch of chocolate cookies like you do. And this weekend, I ate about a third of a box of Caramel DeLites. I'd like to pretend to be remorseful, but man, there is nothing like the first Girl Scout Cookie of the year.

Now, I guess I'm going to try to remember for the rest of the sale and then I'm going to eat a whole box of Peanut Butter Patties on Easter Sunday. Also, Reese's Eggs. Oh my, I just remembered Reese's Eggs.

*I know this seems ridiculous, but I usually make mine without chocolate chips (which is apparently called a Brown Sugar Cookies) because I don't like the way the chips interrupt the yummy cookie. Completely at odds with my chocolate love.


Lisa said...

I LOVE chocolate chip cookies with no chocolate chips! I thought I was just weird... :)

Jessi said...

My grandma used to love them and we made them together when I was little. She used to keep a little cut out recipe from the side of the Nestle bag in her recipe file just for that purpose. *Random Memory*