Thursday, December 6, 2012

This is my Cop Out Post

I've started a new post about 17 times today and finished none of them. But I'm running out of daylight and I have been doing so well with blogging every day (almost two weeks FTW) so I decided to this. Instead I will write a list for you of all the blog posts I almost wrote today:

  • Why 80's Cartoons Sucked and Why They Were Still Superior to Today's Cartoons
  • A Hilarious Re-Enactment of My Daughter's Projectile Vomiting
  • Why I Feel Guilty About Everything
  • The Trouble with Christmas Music
  • I'm Borrowing Books From My Kid - Awesome or Sad?
But instead, I just gave you a list. The good thing is that now I have these written down and I might go back on another day and turn one of them into a post. But I might not. Out of curiosity, if I did, what would you be most interested in hearing?

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