Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Cold Halloween

When I was a kid, it rained on Halloween. Every year. I don't ever remember a dry, pleasant Halloween.

Since Brynna has graced the Earth with her presence, I don't think it's ever rained on Halloween. And tonight it's not going to either. We've weathered the storm and come out on the other side and we are ready to roll.

In the 30 degree weather. Because despite the fact that we will be rain free, this will be the first non-pleasant trick-or-treating weather. She'll be decked out in her costume - along with leggings, a jacket, gloves and possibly, earwarmers. Maren will likewise be warmed with multiple layers and as many warmies as I can conjur.

And, I have to admit it, I'm dreading tonight. I'm dreading the cold weather. I'm dreading the massive hike. Last year, I had to carry Maren for part of it when she gave out and I'm dreading that possibility. The Ex is going to tag along and I'm dreading that.

I'm dreading everything but the candy. And the cuteness. They are gonna be so stinkin' cute.

Think of me tonight. Think of me fondly. I'll be here with the photographic evidence tomorrow.

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