Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Things on Friday - Bad Boys Edition

This will probably come as no surprise: I watch a lot of genre TV. Pretty much if it involves the supernatural, the future or zombies, I am all over that stuff. And while watching these shows, I find myself over and over again head-over-heels for guys that are not... well, nice.

Which led me to develop a theory. Because I love a good theory.

Good guys - the guys who are always kind, always do the right thing - will, given any set of events, do the right thing. What this means is that they will sacrifice anything, including but not limited to, the girl they love to save the world. That's just who they are. They may hate it, but they'll do it. Probably with a puppy dog face.

Bad boys - the boys who really don't care what you think and always do what serves them best - will, given any set of events, do what works for them and theirs. Which means that they will watch the ever-loving world burn to save the girl they love. They may hate it, but they may not. They don't really care about anyone else.

Which means that in real life, a bad boy is not such a great idea. I mean, unless you like chaos and self-centeredness. But, TV isn't real life.

The Five Best Bad Boys
(according to me, right now - I reserve the right to change my mind)

1. Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, James Marsters) - Ah, there you are. I've missed you so. Seriously, you know when I fell for Spike? It wasn't when he fell for Buffy. Or when he began fighting on the side of good. It was when he came back to Sunnydale, chasing Drusilla. Spike was willing to do anything, including buddy up with the Slayer and her Slayerettes to win back his lady love. And even his back story, with his bloody bad poetry shows a man willing to go through pain and anguish and humiliation for love. Just love. Spike doesn't always make the right choice. Pants, he doesn't even usually make the right choice, but his intentions are clear, his motivations are un-muddied. Spike is just in this for true love. In whatever weird, twisted form it might find.

2. Cap'n Mal (Firefly/Serenity, Nathan Fillion) - The good captain of the Firefly class ship, Serenity, is arguably a very good guy. He risks everything to tell the world about the evil of the Alliance. He fights for what he believes in the war. But, he's also a very bad man. He steals, cheats and kicks people into turbines to send a message. He's not interested in anyone in the 'verse except his crew. And he's very choosy about his crew. Mal is a lot like Han Solo. Because let's face it, Han never cared about the Rebel Alliance, he only cared about Leia.

3. Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars, Jason Dohring) - Alright, let me just start by saying that I know... I know that there is nothing supernatural, futuristic or zombiefied about Veronica Mars. What I also know, though, is not a single solitary geek who didn't love some Veronica. I'm re-watching right now, on And, despite being horrified that I watch something that airs on, it's so much fun. And I have fallen for Logan all over again. Also, Weevil is my boo. Logan is a great bad boy. He is truly awful, especially in the first season, but he will do anything, absolutely anything for Veronica. Even when he thinks he hates her. I'll never not cheer when he beats the cop car with a baseball bat just so he can be thrown in jail and try to kill the guy who tried to rape Veronica.

4. Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus) - The man I most commonly refer to as, "My Post-Zombie-Apocalypse-Boyfriend," Daryl is really the only self-absorbed man in the whole series. The women, well, let's just say that Jessi thinks the women are an unfair portrayal. I'm holding out hope for Maggie. In any case, Daryl seems wholly uninterested in pretty much anything, only staying with the group for the small amount of protection it allows. He's not opposed to doing the right thing, as long as the right thing doesn't cause him too much inconvenience. Until Sophia disappears. Ah, how I love me a bad boy with a soft spot for kids. And he's totally badpants with that crossbow. Swoon.

5. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder) - Can I just say that Elena chose wrong? Sure I can, it's my list. Damon may not be nice and he may not be her "epic love," but Damon is willing to walk through fire for her. And he's prettier. Seriously prettier. And if you have any doubts, ever, re-watch the episode where he and Alaric are in the tomb waiting for Ric to die. Damon is the one you want on your side when the end comes. Also, Damon brings up a good point about vampire bad boys - they can't turn evil. They're pretty close on the best of days, so what's the point. With Stefan, you are always running the risk of a lapse.

Who's your favorite bad boy? Or are you firmly in love with the good guys (Angel, Piz, Rick and Stefan)? Also, is there an equivalent for the geeky guys? Good girls vs. bad girls? I'm interested if it works the same way. Sound off below.

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