Friday, August 17, 2012

Five Things on Friday - Magic of the Cinema Edition

You know, some things are just better in the theater. I have this problem where I love these little artsy movies and kinda dramatic things - the smaller the budget the better. And yet, all I ever see in the theater are kids' movies and blockbusters. Why? Because they suck on your TV.

For a million different reasons, some movies are just better with the dark and the scent of popcorn and the plushy chairs with the really deep cupholders. Here's a few...

Movies that Should Only Be Viewed at your Local MultiPlex

1. Grindhouse - What actually made me think to compile this list was a recent viewing of Death Proof, which I declare to the be finest of the two sections. For the uninitiated, Grindhouse was designed as a double feature. Death Proof, by Quentin Tarrantino is a thriller (sort of) about a guy who builds a death proof car, except it's only death proof for the driver and he uses it to murder cute girls. Until he meets the wrong girls. It's sort of a revenge fantasy and has everything that a bad horror movie should have - gratuitous sex and violence, long exposition scenes and a complete disregard for physics. The second movie, Planet Terror is a hilariously bloody zombie film where Rose McGowan ends up with a gun-leg. Over the top. But, frankly what make these movies is the experience that, just as much as the red corn syrup and questionable connection with reality, pays homage to the terribly wonderful horror flicks of yore. The double feature, complete with fake trailers in between, manufactured imperfections in the film, and occasionally off audio is what perfects this masterpeice. Watching one on TBS or whatever - not doing it for me. I'm terribly glad I saw this in the theatre, otherwise I just don't know that I'd ever get it.

2. Batman Begins - I think what makes this movie only theater-approved is the generous use of CG, although I may be wrong. I tried to watch it not that long ago and despite loving it originally, I found it really difficult to follow. The whole black on black thing may be part of it, but I think that this is true of almost any big budget actiony thing. The overblown look and mile a minute pace make it just hard to keep up with if you are not sitting in a dark room with no outside stimuli.

3. Kill Bill - I think this is my least favorite movie by my most favorite director. And part of that probably has to do with the fact that I first saw it on TNT. Along with the experience of the theater and larger than life action scenes, cuss words are a TV movie deal breaker. If every fourth word is being changed, then maybe you just shouldn't show it. You are ruining the flow of the movie. Add to that the visual edits, from the name of the truck to Lucy Liu's ever-expanding forehead when she dies and this movie just sucks edited. That said, I watched it on IFC (or no-rules TV, as I like to call it) and liked it much better.

4. The Lizzie McGuire Movie - Look, I'm not suggesting that you ever watch this movie. It's not that good. For one thing, not nearly enough Miranda. That's right, I watched Disney Channel before I had kids, what's it to ya? Whatever, here's the thing: it's a terrible movie. And if you are going to watch a terrible movie, you should at least get popcorn out of the deal.

5. The Lord of the Rings - I'm gonna be really honest here, I'm glad I saw all three of these movies. I will probably see The Hobbit, and only partially because my favorite vampire, Mitchell, is in it. They are good movies, but they are just not my cup of tea. What makes them lovely in the theater, though, is New Zealand. I'm not even kidding. All those wonderful sweeping visuals, they just don't sweep the same on your TV. Trust me on this. I'll probably never make it to NZ, but at least we'll always have Mordor. Or something. I'm really just not into this universe.

What movies do you think MUST be viewed on the big screen?

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