Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ba-ba-back in the 5-4-5

So, we are officially back to 5:45 mornings. Beginning this last Tuesday, we're back to our 3/4 of the year, miserable routine. Which means a couple of things:

  1. My third year (out of ten) of 5:45 mornings has commenced.
  2. I won't be fully awake again until May. See you then.
  3. I will, however, get to watch my customary ten minutes of the news every morning. 
  4. I now have to go to bed at 10:00, which means a lot of staring at my bedroom ceiling.
  5. My bedroom ceiling is terribly uninteresting.
  6. Perhaps I should paint a mural on my bedroom ceiling.
  7. Sleep deprivation leads to ceiling murals.
Awkward segue, I am officially the mother of two school-age kids. Maren is starting her first year of Montessori and Brynna is in third grade. Apparently, third grade is supposed to be hard. That's what everyone keeps telling her and she's a little scared. On the other hand, third grade is apparently when they introduce you to text books and that makes my little nerdette very happy.

Maren seems to be having fun, although it's hard to tell. When I pick her up, I say, "How was your day?" and she says, "Not very much. You were too early." Because the kids play on the playground until their parents come. Today I was the very last parent in the pick up line. Sounds good right?

"Maren, how was your day."
"Not very much good. I'm all sweaty because I ran a bunch on the playground."

I can't win for losing.

Anyone else start school yet? Let me know how your year is going so far.


Lisa said...

Ellie starts daycare and I start working for the first time in sixteen months. I'm a little excited and a lot nervous...about both.

Anonymous said...

Our girls B & E are growing up way to fast! I remember our playdates with them as teeny tiny tots just like it was just yesterday. I can't believe Ms. M is old enough for Montessori! Time is just flying by to fast!

Jessi said...

Lisa - So tough! Thinking about you.

A - I know! It's kinda heartbreaking, but so exciting!