Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Things on Friday - Miss You Edition

It has been a long week without my kids while they are off playing with their dad. I'm glad that they got to go, but I can't wait to pick them up. Here in no particular order are:

Five Things I Miss About My Kids When They Are Gone

1. The noise - Even in the dead of night, the house is just more alive with sound when they are in it. I've been sleeping with the TV on to make a little more noise and it's helped but it's just not quite  right. I hate to admit it, but I've even missed the screaming a little.

2. The little hands - Maren does this thing where she reaches up and pats my face and it is so sweet and angelic. And Brynna is constantly making art, even if it's just the way she arranges her toys on the floor. Those four little hands are the busiest there are and I couldn't miss them more. Even if they are sometimes sticky and getting into things.

3. The hugs/snuggles - Brynna once overheard me telling Maren that she is a world champion hugger. And she is, that kid puts her whole self into every hug, wrapping her arms all the way around and laying her head down on your shoulder. If possible, she'll even hug with her legs. I can't help it, she is just the best. But then I reminded Brynna about all the times I've told her she is the world's best snuggler. And she is. Both of us with a book, blanket on the couch and she curls up and just sits, at peace with everything. Nothing like it. Even if it sometimes means more humans in my bed than I wish.

4. The sarcasm - Brynna is almost 8 (be still my heart) and so she is really starting to master sarcasm, which is hilarious, so long as it's not directed at me. Maren has the distinct advantage of growing up in a house with Brynna and me, so she's catching on early. Even factoring in the occasional back-talk, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

5. The constant reminder of their greatness - Ask Brynna to tell you about herself and she'll start with "I'm a fabulous artist." And she is. Ask Maren how smart she is and she'll whisper sweetly, "So smart." And even if you don't ask either of them anything, just being around them will remind you how amazing they truly are.

I can't pick my midgets up and get back to our regularly scheduled life. What do you miss about your smalls when they are away, even if only for a little while?


Suze said...

I am never without my kids right now but when I am away (which is never for more than a few hours at a time) I miss seeing them interact with each other. They're like best friends right now, and it's so cool.

Jessi said...

That is really cool. My kids are like mortal enemies right now. I don't actually miss them fighting with each other at all.