Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Kids are Weird

Brynna likes: Wiping the sweat off of horses
Brynna hates: Soccer

Maren loves: Running late
Maren hates: Leaving on time

Brynna loves: Doing her chores
Brynna hates: Picking up toys

Maren loves: Working on cars, talking about cars, fixing cars
Maren hates: Riding in cars

Brynna loves: Fighting with her sister
Brynna hates: When her sister hugs her

Maren loves: Fighting with her sister
Maren loves: Hugging her sister
Maren loves: Watching her sister try to squirm away
Maren loves: Hugging her anyway

At least I've got them figured out. For the next ten minutes, at least.


Suze said...

I love this. I love reading about your kids!
My son loves: locks, security systems, pass codes (like for smart phones and the ATM)
My daughter loves: pretending she's a dog

Jessi said...

My kids have been playing zombie lately. I'm not sure where they got it, since I don't let them watch anything with zombies. In either case, it is pretty funny. They never try to eat me, just bump into me a lot while moaning.

ann said...

It's probably in their DNA. That's my guess.