Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I am an idea person. I have plans - big plans and lots of them. Super-duper amazingly huge plans. Lots. I have no priorities when it comes to these plans, just a really long list of things to do. I also have no sense of urgency. Until I have to, then I panic and half-pants it and get a few things done.

Like last month, I had my church ladies over for supper and our monthly meeting. We each take a turn hosting a month and it's big fun and I always spend the 48 hours before hyperventilating. This year was no different. And I got a lot of stuff done. I got my house clean - like wicked, spotless clean. I also got a wreath on my door for the first time since I took down the Christmas wreath in March. I know, I know. And I'm kinda wreathy.

What I didn't get done that I kept thinking I'd have done before WMU:

  • my yard looking yardy - with flowers and weeded beds and such
  • my "mudroom" area of my kitchen put together
  • my homemade desk/craft table finished
  • some solution to my weird cabinet hole issue
  • my kids' silhouettes, all silhouettey and stuff
  • art on the walls in Maren's room
  • my room cleaned, like with a visible floor
Because my room never counts in house cleaning.

Here's the way I look at it: I am a balloon, and as someone who used to work in a balloon store (roll with me here) I know that balloons need tethers. Some people buy those crappy flat plastic tethers and let me tell you, if you're balloon is worth it's salt, it's going to drag that flimsy thing all over the house. Some people will get the big concretey ones and those seem a little like overkill to me. 

I was always a fan of going tetherless and tying the balloon to a chair. Simple, clean and ribbony. 

So, I guess what I need is a chair. 

I need to work on that metaphor, but in the meantime, I'll be at the Peddler's Mall and Re-Store chair shopping.

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