Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Things on Friday - Parties To Which I Was Late

I am a geek of the highest order (where the word "geek" connotes a person who gets really excited about a certain thing, i.e. "geeks out) and there are many things I really love. Unfortunately for me, I came to most of these things a day late and a dollar short.

Five Things I Wish I Had Caught Onto Sooner

1. Nirvana - So, now, I have the Kurt Cobain journal, most of their CD's and still have the words to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" memorized. When they were at their heyday? I was too big for my britches and didn't understand what all the hoopla was about. It wasn't until after KC died and there was no more new music to come, did I truly understand the genius that was lost. And the flannel. I'm still mourning the flannel.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - BtVS is probably my biggest obsession. I am crazy for those pesky kids and their demon-slaying ways. My kids know all the words (except the dirty ones, of course) to the songs from the musical episode and I still manufacture mini-marathons for myself (which I can do because I own all seven seasons on DVD). But my dirty little secret? I didn't fall for Buffy until she was in her sixth season. And then, I didn't get the channel, so I had to wait for it to go to syndication.

3. Doctor Who - I blame my parents. I didn't grow up on the good Doctor and when I heard that they were going to reboot the series, I kinda thought, "Huh. That's the one with the scarf, right?" I have vague memories of Christopher Eccleston, but I didn't start watching regularly until what I like to call, "The Season of Many Specials," which is, of course, right before David Tennant went on to the great big Tardis in the sky. (Hmm. That analogy didn't quite work.)

4. Adele - Hey, have you heard this chick, Adele? Lungs like an angel and the most amazing lyrics and she is so gorgeous and amazing and... What? She's been around since 2008? Really. Huh? Millions of Grammy's? Well, she deserves them. And um, I'll be over here.

5. Smart Phones - I spent many years in the "I refuse to pay good money for a phone when the phone company will give me one for free" camp. And then, I got my baby, my angel, the love of my life - the HTC 4g Slide and I'll never be able to figure out what I did before I could Twitter and check email and play Words with Friends (Hello? Anybody still playing WWF?) and take better pictures than with my real camera and etc., etc. I guess I like, read or something.

What about you? Miss any parties lately?


Suze said...

We got on the Buffy train when they started syndicating it on the WB, so yeah, we were pretty late to that one.
Some parties I still haven't been to (and don't know if I ever will) are Facebook and smart phones (though my husband's iPhone sure comes in handy when we're traveling).
I think my dad is king of coming late to things. He still files his taxes on PAPER and mails them in, no matter how much we try to convince him to do otherwise!

ann said...

I still haven't arrived at the dr who party or the Buffy party. I just got my first smart phone the Friday b4 memorial day. I heard my first Adele song that weekend, too. I'm certain I would've completely missed the nirvana party if someone hadn't spent hours playing the songs on a keyboard and explaining the virtues of Dave to me. Another party to which I was late was the cd playr. My parents bought me one for Christmas one year and I was so mad at them for wasting so much money when I already had a tape player and a Phil Collins tape and a bill Cosby tape. I felt better after they told me it wasn't expensive. But I was very late to that party. Also, is "math and science" a party? Bc if it is, I was very late to that one.

Jessi said...

I don't know that I would call Math a party, but I get what you're saying. I think I was later than some to the CD player party, but I'm still sorta standing against the wall wondering who to talk to at the MP3 player party.