Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sleeping with the Enemy

I saw this the other day on Pinterest:

My laughter was only equaled by my tears.

Maren has been getting in bed with me at some point during most nights for about the last five months. Most of the time, it's fine. I've got a queen sized bed and she crawls in that space next to wall where I used to sleep, but don't anymore and everyone's happy.

Until she wakes up, at approximately five a.m. and wants to "switch me sides" so she can watch TV. This typically involves her climbing my head like Everest. One broken nose later and she's back asleep and I'm crying over the combination of my nose and the Dora theme song.

It's an arrangement I can live with, though.

Maren is rough when she's awake, but she sleeps like the dead. With her arms pinned at her sides, she settles in and then that's pretty much it.

Brynna on the other hand, sleeps like the walking dead - ie, trying to rip your face off and break your ribs all while being unaware of anything. She never stops moving. She wakes up tired most of the time and I have no doubts as to why. Child burns more calories sleeping than I do on a treadmill.

The other night, they were out with their dad and got home kinda late. Brynna had a tummy ache and Maren was an over-tired Cryie McCrierson. I had about three more hours worth of work I had to do before I could so much as think about sleep. After trying to comfort and tuck them in, I gave up and put them to bed in my room. So, sure enough, three hours later, I came to bed, only discover that there was no bed left.

Don't ask me how a three year old and a seven year old can occupy an entire queen sized bed, but they did. I probably spent another half hour moving them so that I could make a me-sized space to sleep.

By morning, I was curled up in a ball at the foot of the bed with my head on a velvet beaded decorative pillow.

"You two are never again sleeping in my bed," I announced.

"Why, mommy? It was sooooo comfy." Brynna responded.

Of course it was.

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