Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Other News

Brynna has started announcing that she hasn't slept when I wake her up in the morning. Since I know this can't be true, because she would have whined me to death overnight, I'm not taking it too seriously. On the other hand, I'm trying to make her go to bed earlier because, heavens-to-pants the whining! This typically ends in me staying in her room for a half hour while I adjust the radio, bring her a drink of water and tuck her in three times to get it right. In other words, she's not getting to bed any earlier, she's just killing time by annoying me. And then I lose my temper and shout "Go to bed!" and stalk out.

Which isn't great parenting.

Also, it's what I yell at Maren every night when she sneaks her door open and stands in the doorway like some creepy horror movie kid trying to see if I'm asleep yet so she can come get in my bed.

Last night, as I yelled, "Go to bed!" and headed in defeat for the hallway, I heard a plaintive, "I in bed, Mommy. For reallies," coming from the wrong room. I should have been chastened at the thought of the wrong kid thinking I was mad. Instead, I thought, "Maybe that'll save me some time later."

On the other hand, Maren wakes up off and on all night ready to go. She wants to watch TV at 2:30, switch me sides at 3:30 and play with my Nook at 4:30. But at 5:45, she's all, "No. Mommy. Turn off dat light. It's still night outside. Seeeeee!"

Last night, I cleaned out the bottom of Maren's closet - where I throw the clothes that she's grown out of for the next consignment sale. After sorting and filling five large plastic totes, I still have a box and about four missing shoes. My living room floor is covered in clothes and I lost one of Maren's brand new shoes somewhere in the piles. This, to me, is the true sign of Spring. Absolute chaos while I try to get everything together to sell. I actually had nightmares last night about clothes.

I'm guest posting today at Jodifur. You should go read it. It's funny and about the girls. I call Brynna Spock. Also, you should read Jodifur all the time. She is funny and smart and loves shoes. That is all.

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