Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Facelift

(And, no, I'm not talking nose job, here, but still, it hurts. It hurts so much.)

Did you notice? Every year, I swear I am going to wait until New Year's for my annual facelift and every year I fail.

I think this one is particularly spiffy, though.

I'm looking for input of course. How do you like it? Is there anything hard to read? Anything you can't find? Etc. etc?

I am also thinking of adding an About Me or FAQ page. Of course, no one ever asks me anything, but I feel like there should be a place for something more, shall we say, descriptive... Let me know what you think - if you have a preference and ask me some questions for the love of pants.

(Have I mentioned that I've decided to replace all my commonly used cusswords with pants? For the love of pants; What the pants; mother pantser, son of pants. I think it'll be fun.)

More later, my darlings.


Suze said...

I personally find it really hard to read on the black background...I'd love a FAQ page, though. Those are always fun!

Jessi said...

Suze - Is it all hard to read, or just the white or the colors? I want it to be easy to read above all else. :) I keep tinkering with the blue, because I don't think it's quite light enough.

ann said...

I like it. It has an 80s vibe. I wonder if it might give me eye strain after a while, though, because both the white and the colors appear so bright against the black. All of the colors show up well, but maybe just a little too well! Maybe another very dark color could sub? Maybe navy or dark eggplant? Very dark red? If you stick with black, the blue shows up fine, for me. OH--one thing--maybe you could change the color of the headings of the blog lists so they stand out from each blog name (The blogs I've read before appear in the same green as "bloggiest blogs in all blogdom," for example. If you give a pants about that.

Tears In My Shotglass said...

It is easy to read, but I agree with Ann. I think the background is too dark. I do love the makeover though!

Jessi said...

Okay, all. Is this any better?

ann said...

The gray is classy and easy on the eyes. :-)

Joni said...

I like the gray background, but now I can't read the blue for the links. Like at the bottom of each post, I can't read how many comments each post has. I'm pretty sure it's not just my vision, but I am getting pretty old... :) I like the update, though - every couple years I get the urge to redo my blog too... Or just start another one. That's working out well for me.