Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Starting Christmas

You know, I have a soapbox, and I'm not afraid to use it, right? Well, today it's a bit of a weird one...

Every year I hear more and more complaints about starting Christmas so early. Stores put things out too soon, Christmas music starts playing on the radio too soon, companies start promoting Christmas shopping so early... It goes on and on - endless complaints about when Christmas should begin.

Which always conjures up my eternal argument: whatever.

Because mostly, I just don't care. I used to work for a paper goods store in an outlet mall. Our first shipment of Christmas paper (and the hours spent rolling it in the back room watching the images blur by) came in July. By August, we had Christmas paper on the floor and by the end of September we had an entire aisle (of a four aisle store) dedicated to Christmas. You can't shock me.

On the other hand, let me tell you why we did it. Because people bought it. Our stores, our industries are a product of our habits. You want Christmas to come later, start shopping later. Simple as that. Because as long as there are a significant number of people who will buy Christmas paper in August, there will be Christmas paper in August.

Stores don't build displays and merchandising based on The Fun. They have entire teams of researchers telling them when to do what and in what order. To maximize sales. So, don't complain about Wal-Mart or Penney's or whatever store inspired your ire this afternoon. Complain about the consumers who are consuming.

But you know what, don't even do that. Because some of us like it the way it is. I am specifically talking here about crafters. I need ideas, patterns, supplies and other things beginning in August, because crafting isn't a super-quick hobby. It takes time. It takes Saturdays and it takes supplies.

I'm also talking about people who like to be prepared. I don't like to Christmas shop in December. Why? Because I like to spend December enjoying Christmas. With my family and stuff. The very people I can't take shopping because likely, I am shopping for them. It's a thing with me.

And also, I'm talking about the people who love Christmas. I am one of the idiots who tunes into "MixMas" 24-7 Christmas radio the very day that it starts - which should be this weekend, by the way. I put up the Christmas tree as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are cleared and the Black Friday packages are hidden.

And here's the thing. I don't mind that you don't do those things. I don't care if you are one of those people who puts your tree up the weekend before the big day and shops on Christmas Eve (although for the sake of all the poor schleps who have to work on Christmas Eve, would you consider the 23rd?). I don't mind if you hate all things Noel before December 1. You won't ever hear me complaining that you start Christmas too late.

So, please, leave me and my crafty, overly prepared, Christmas loving butt alone. I'm far too busy rockin' around the Christmas tree.


ann said...

You're so cute!

Joni said...

I'm laughing at this, because yesterday I just wrote a comment on your 5 things post about how angry I get when the radio starts playing Christmas music too early! Scroogey McScrooge, that's me. But the thing is, I totally agree with you! I believe I bought my first present in July this year - I'm all about planning ahead. I think my ire is directed toward the fact that the stores and radio stations seemed to completely skip Thanksgiving, which is also a very meaningful holiday to me. And can anybody really celebrate just one holiday for two months straight? I don't think I can...