Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's November 1st - Just So You Know

Today there is only one topic when you have small children in your life - how pwecious was wittle pweciousness last night!!

Pretty darn precious is the answer.

But first, let me share some Halloween trauma for you: Last year, Brynna wanted to be Scarlet O'Hara. Mostly because her cousin (who she completely looks up to in every way) gave her an outgrown Scarlet costume. I shrugged. Despite the fact that I always looked like a million bucks on Halloween as a child and paraded around town in the finest of handmade costumes, I kinda suck at the whole thing as a mom. But then, two days* before Halloween, I get a "reminder" from the school that costumes have to be characters from a book and the children have to bring said book with them.

Okay, so Scarlet is totally a character from a book, but am I really going to send my paperback with the classic bodice-ripper cover in to school with a first grader? No. So, we threw together a Pinkalicious costume at the last minute and the world went on.

This year, I thought I was sooo far ahead of the game when I rejected Brynna's idea to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer - because it had to be a character from a book. (Please note - we have Buffy books at home, but I like them all too much to send to school with a second grader and also, possibly not appropriate. Especially since they are mostly graphic novels and, well, for adults and stuff.) After much consternation, we arrived at Laura Ingalls. And I swooned. Because, How awesome!

I purchased a costume (a nice handmade one from a consignment sale - score!). However, Brynna misunderstood what "calico" is and "thought it would be prettier." No more Laura. Get that out of her closet. I hate it! Tears. Gnashing of teeth. Oookay.

That's Brynna as Ginny, Mario, a vampire fairy, Iron Man
and Luigi*
After some arguing and trying to reach a compromise, Brynna decided to be Ginny Weasley. (And my geek heart rejoiced and I may have taken a moment to believe that I am doing this right.) My mom purchased the replacement costume and I scrounged around the house for a week for the very cool wand we bought when Brynna was but a wee baby.

Then, as it turns out, second graders don't wear costumes to school. I'm not sure what this means, as a school rule. Are we done with costumes in school? Do they only get to wear them every other year? Perhaps it was a punishment for being such a horrible grade? Who knows. All I know is, as I told Brynna, we are done with that school's hoops. Next year she can be anyone she wants. I can't believe I blew my chance at a Buffy costume.

Now - for Maren. Maren wanted to be a bumble bee. Then, she wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story. Then she wanted to be a princess. When we got out all the dress up clothes in the house on the Saturday before Halloween to find an appropriate princess that fit her, she changed her mind to want to be a ballerina.
I am so lucky we have a nearly
bottomless dress up trunk.

Sunday night, she sleepily said, "I wanna be a cowgirl. No ballerina. Cowgirl."

Monday morning I packed both costumes, because sometimes I learn.

Indecision. Thy name be Maren.

Anyway, last night, there were costumes, there was candy, there were friends and running and glee and laughter and McDonald's because I forgot you have to feed those munchkin things. There was fun and it was all worth it. Today my legs are sore and other people are caring for my sugar-crashing demon children and I have pwecious pictures and all is right with the world.

How was your Halloween?

*It may have been as much as a week. Who can tell. Every time I tell this story, it gets closer to the big day.
**Brynna wouldn't quit moving long enough for me to get a picture of just her. Trust me, though, that wand is so cool.


ann said...

You, your girls, your mom, and that front porch are all awesome and adorable. (Love Maren's fat baby face! Love that you happened to have a pair of CHAPS in her size!)

My halloween was fun, more fun than I had anticipated. I had planned on being anti-halloween, because I thought it was the right thing to do (me=nut). Then, I heard an awesome discussion on the radio about the goodness and wonder of halloween, and I was suddenly all for it, again.

I wanted to be a zombie, and then decided it was too scary, and then saw it on "The Book of John" on Lazarus and decided it was awesome, and then decided it was too much work. So, I threw on a purple "housedress" and was an eggplant (not a beanbag) for work.

Last night, I googled what time trick or treating started, ran to Publix and got two bags of candy, ran back, turned on all of the lights at the front of the house, gave Daniel a tutorial on how it worked, cooked supper, and bolted to the door every time the doorbell rang, followed closely by Daniel. I was "ebullient" as I threw handfulls of candy at every masked and unmasked face, and Daniel Aaawwwed behind me. Then, thirty minutes later, I turned off all of those lights and closed the blinds and went upstairs for an interactive night class on-line, and Daniel worked from home.

A short blast of fun.

catsmum said...

1. Large and bottomless dressup boxes should be mandatory - I have mine up in the big shed [ although to be honest it mainly gets used for grown up people, not little ones ]

2.The kids look soooo sweet, I could just eat 'em up

3. Have just purchased a Gryffindor robe, Harry glasses and wand[s] for grandson's birthday, supplemented with an el cheapo Halloween twig broomstick. Currently about halfway through knitting the gryffindor scarf [ POA version with the double bars ]

4. For the 7th Halloween running had zero trick or treaters. There are families with children nearby but basically when the houses are all on 10 acre heavily treed blocks with houses set FAR back from the road, what responsible parent would let the kids trick or treat round here ?

Jessi said...

Ann - Just a friend's porch, but thank you for the rest of it. :) I'm glad you had a good Halloween. I actually really love Halloween.

catsmum - Thanks so much! I wanted to crochet a scarf, but I didn't have time to get it together. Maybe next year...