Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Things on Friday - Smile Edition

I've been having some stuff lately. Stuff that I'm just not ready to talk about here. In any case, it's been okay, fine, really, but it's been hard to find the joy. I've been stressed and worried and other things that basically mean the same thing, and although I've been FINE, this week has finally been different.

This week, I've found the joy. At least some. In any case, I thought I'd share

Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week

1. Harry Dresden - The latest installment, Ghost Story, finally made it to my name on the library waiting list. I love me some Harry Dresden and this book was no disappointment. Not only did it repeatedly make me smile, laugh out loud and bless my lucky stars for discovering this joy, but I also stayed up until 1 a.m. and bawled like a newborn baby at the end. Oh. My. Goodness. Heart ripped out of my body and beaten to a pulp and then... Oh, I can't ruin it for you, but trust me. This one is good. So very good. And now I absolutely can't wait for the next one.

2. True Blood - I read the Sookie books when that's all they were, back before the show changed our image of each and every character. But, since I don't have Netflix, get HBO or have any other way of getting involved in the most popular vampire show on TV, I haven't watched it. Until now. I've watched the majority of the first season this week on DVD and wow, does it bring the crazy. You should be warned, this show isn't for anyone. If you can't appreciate the most ridiculous vampire story ever, a whole lot of inappropriate sex, terrible language and gore for days, then you should probably just watch something else. It has definitely brightened my last few days, though. Silly, vampires.

3. Batman - Just this.

4. The Doctor - After a weird midsummer hiatus, the Doctor has been back for about three weeks now, and I am loving the second half of this season. Amy and Rory have definitely replaced Donna as my all-time favorite companions ever. I am missing my River, though. And still - I cannot figure out how they are going to solve that little problem of the DOCTOR BEING DEAD! The writers don't seem to be in any hurry, and honestly, neither am I. I am loving every second of this.

5. These Guys - Just this, too.


Orlandel said...

5. Those guys could brighten up anything!!!!

Jessi said...


Steve said...

Love the Batman.

I'm now off to Amazon to check out that book.

Suze said...

These made me smile, too :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're smiling. I love your passionate, snarky heart.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday when I looked at this I didn't get the batman picture. So I decided to look at it again and see if there was, like, a hidden pic of batman. Turns out it's hilarious. Thanks. (It's possible I might be a dingaling.)