Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dream a Little Dream

I dream. A lot. I typically remember my dreams, sometimes for years, but always long enough to tell someone if it was funny/weird/scary. I never dream in black and white. Only in color. I usually have either one dream that seems to last forever or a bunch of short, unrelated dreams that share some weird common thread. Like underwear.

In any case, a few weeks (or possibly months) ago, I stopped dreaming. I told Hubby about this and he pooh-poohed my odd observation by telling me that I was probably dreaming and not remembering it. And perhaps I was. It's possible.

But I don't think so.

I've been stressed. Sitting up at night while trying desperately not to balance my checkbook in my head stressed and I think that was somehow keeping me from dreaming.

For the past three nights, I have dreamt. Long, rambly weird dreams (some about underwear). All of them in color. All of them in 3D. All of them bright and vivid and realish. (Except there's too much underwear).

I think I'm cured. I'm going to sleep without complex math and compound interest filling my head and I'm dreaming. I don't know what caused my cure (although I have a theory) but I do believe that my long (lack of)  nightmare is over.

I'm ready for my inception, Mr. DiCaprio.


Anonymous said...

Dreamy! Happy for you!


Out My window said...

Funny? Sometimes I dream that I don't have on any underwear? I wonder what that means?

Anonymous said...

Mine are more like piles of unfolded underwear!